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Casino StreamerCasino games are not only exciting, but with a little bit of luck, they can also generate a solid bit of cash. And while many people still associate casinos with grand establishments in Vegas or Monaco, the internet is actually full of online casinos that offer an incredible variety of casino games. With that, a new phenomenon has been growing: casino streamers. You might be wondering what this trend is all about, or perhaps how to even become a casino streamer yourself.

Casino Streamers: A Growing Trend

Casino streams are a booming trend, and we will take a look at this in detail on this page. Do streamers gamble with real money? What kind of equipment is needed to start a stream? What are the advantages to casino streaming? We have it all for you here.

Let’s get things straight. Casino streams don’t just show you random games. If that’s what you want, there are online casinos like Leo Vegas that offer that. Rather, casino streams are about creating an entertaining mood for your viewers. Vibe and personality are important.

What is a Casino Stream?

But wait, what exactly is a casino stream, you might ask. Where many gamblers will just log into their casino site of choice, start playing and rake some money home, a casino streamer will make a public show out of it. Basically, a streamer will turn on his or her camera while playing so that you can watch the action and share the thrill together with the streamer and with other viewers.

Casino Stream Title

There are more casino streams featuring slots than live table games, although there are live streams featuring roulette and blackjack. The general take on this is that slots let the personality of the streamer shine through better.

Slots happen to be faster paced games, so the adrenaline and action come faster, making it easier for streamers to maintain a high level of tension for better entertainment. Then you also get a lot more variety with slots. With all the different themes available, the casino streamer can pick a modern take of a fruit machine to take you on a juicy and colourful trip. Or it could just as easily be an exotic adventure to the Mayan temples. There are also so many gaming styles too, like crazy Megaways games or a simple high volatility video slot like the Dog House.

But there’s a lot more than just the game to a good casino stream. It’s all about the streamer and all the emotions that come with spinning. All the emotions that come with both winning and losing are part of the show, and a successful casino streamer will bring his or her viewers along with the ride.

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The Most Successful Casino Streamers in the World

There are casino streamers who are extremely good at combining gaming with entertainment. These successes have gained an impressive number of followers as well as a handsome little income. Below is a list of the top 10 casino streamers:

With casino streaming still being relatively new, there is a lot of movement between the rankings. Streamers work hard to maintain their positions, especially those in the top levels. Every now and then, there are also new streamers breaking into the scene. These are just general global rankings and you might find that you prefer a “less” successful streamer who specialises in a particular kind of game. Maybe you might prefer a casino stream that focuses on classic casino games like blackjack and poker instead of slots. Some of these casino streamers even do e-sports. In the end, it’s all a matter of personality, style and taste, and we all have our own preferences and edges.

Female Casino Streamers

We tend to think of casinos as rather male places, and the casino streaming scene also tends to be dominated by men. However, the internet has shown that women can play a mean game too, and there are several top women casino streamers who play just as well as the boys – if not better!

Here are some of the most popular women casino streamers to check out:

  • 1. Corinna Kopf
  • 2. AngelMelly
  • 3. Leyla
  • 4. Viperous
  • 5. Churraaaa
  • 6. Pressplayttv
  • 7. Tellia_
  • 8. Casinogirlz
  • 9. Melina___na
  • 10. Haleigh

Other Hot Casino Streamers, Stars And Part Time Streamers

We put together these top lists just as a starting point for those who are new to casino streaming. These are simply some of the most popular streamers of the day and a good place to get started, but there are many others worth checking out. For example you’ll find plenty of famous gamers who startet streaming or where just streaming for a short while. There are also big Stars like Drake who startet playing live in online casinos.

What we’re saying is that there are some cool streamers on whose main occupation is not gambling live on stream or who have already quit casino streaming, but are also worth following.

Casino Stream Highlights

Although casino streams obviously involve casino games, it is not fundamentally about the game. Sure, games are important, but what makes for a great stream is how well the streamer knows to pace the event to have the right amount of tension and release at the right times. It’s all about how to keep the audience captivated and engaged. For those watching a stream, this is a good alternative to actual gambling.

More top level casino streamers will often pick bonus buy slots, or go on so called Bonus Hunts, where they only really start the show when the exciting bonus rounds of the slot starts. They often spend hours behind the scene preparing for this playing base games and collecting the features so that the stream is filled with the action of high paying bonus rounds. For slot streams, this is a common strategy to keep the excitement level high for viewers as it can sometimes take more than a few spins to unlock a special feature, and a while before the base game pays out.

If you’re new to a casino game and trying to figure out how it all works, watching a stream can be a good place to start. It shows you all the rules of the games, and some casino streamers will also talk about their strategies in bet placing as they play. It’s a great way to learn without spending any money at all.

What Kinds of Games are on Casino Streams?

Slot streams are some of the most common and popular streams you will find on Twitch. It’s fast, there’s plenty of choice, and because there aren’t any complicated it’s easy to get into for both the viewer and the streamer. However, you will also find live roulette, blackjack and poker streams. There is certainly a niche of streamers who specialise in these classic card and table games.

Then there are also streams of Live Game Shows. Many streamers like to play Monopoly Live and Crazy Time for Evolution Gaming. It’s a nice change of scenery from the slots and since these game shows are designed with very simple rules, it’s also easy for viewers to enjoy watching these games too.

What Equipment Do You Need to Start a Live Stream?

Streaming Camera

You can start streaming with a webcam and a microphone. But you can also spend hundreds of Dollar for great studio equipement.

If you just want to watch, then all you have to do is go to Twitch and you can check out any of the streams listed there. But life isn’t a spectator sport. If you want to become a streamer yourself, it’s actually quite easy to get started. A decent webcam and a mic to communicate with your audience are the basics. The camera should be able to do a wide angle view so that both you and the game can be clearly on the screen. Headphones would also be useful. A fast and stable internet connection is obviously a must.

Online Platforms for Casino Streamers

There are a couple of dedicated platforms where you can start streaming to an audience. Without a doubt, Twitch is by far the best platform today. The reason is simple: it’s the best known platform for streaming all sorts of games, from video games, to e-sports, to casino games. That means if you’re looking for an audience, you’ll find the largest one here. And if you’re looking for a stream to watch, you have more choice than anywhere else. As of February 2022, Twitch counted roughly 8 million active streamers. There’s an entire category called “Slots on Twitch” to help you get to started right away.

Casino Streaming Twitch LogoTwitch also gives streamers a bit of the revenue from the ads that are displayed during their streams. It may not add up to much, especially during the beginning, but those who stream regularly and have more followers could see something a bit more substantial. To do so, you would have to register as an affiliate, which would require the following:

  • A minimum of 50 followers
  • A minimum of 500 minutes of streaming over 30 days
  • At least 7 days of streaming per month
  • At least 3 viewers watching your stream simultaneously.


Registering for a streamer account is free, so you can get a taste of what it’s like to be a streamer. Once you decide this is what you want to do, you can switch over to the affiliate option. Many of the streamers on Twitch are just there to share their passion for gaming and don’t make much money from streaming, but for those who are more successful at striking a chord with the audience, it can provide a nice income on the side.

Casino Grounds LogoAnother platform worth checking is Casino Grounds. This is a smaller and newer, but obviously focuses on casino games. Otherwise, it functions very similarly to Twitch.

Chatting in Streams

Casino Streams ChatWhere watching streams differ from watching videos is that you can chat with other viewers, live. A chat box is available at the side of the screen and it’s easy to use, just like any other chat window. Below is a list of some of commands to help you master it all:

  • Color: Change the nickname colour
  • Ignore: The user added after the command will be ignored
  • Unignore: Undo ignoring
  • Disconnect: Leave the chat
  • Mods: Sends a message specifically to the chat moderators
  • Ban: Only the streamer can use this command to ban specific users from the chat
  • Timeout: This will throw out a user within 10 minutes


These are just the basic commands and there are more. You may want to check the full list before joining a live stream so you can feel more comfortable in the chat. The chats get pretty busy in some of the more popular streams, so knowing this commands help to maintain clearer communication in your chat window.

Casino Streams Around the Clock

As with all things internet, Twitch is open 24/7 and you can find a casino stream any time of the day. Streamers are happy to showcase their passion to the world and there is always someone broadcasting their game. Many streamers have posted their schedules on their profile. Some have even managed turned this hobby into a part-time job. You’ll find those that start streaming from the morning until late at night, as well as others who only stream at particular times on particular days of the week.

Live Streaming Banner

While you can definitely find a stream at any time, there is something like a prime time that has emerged on Twitch. Streamers are well aware that their audience may have to work during the day and have other commitments, and some of them might also have jobs themselves, so just like with TV, you will find that Twitch streams are most active at night, from about 8pm until 1 am.

What Are the Sums of Money Being played?

Roshtein Wins One Million

The stakes at casino streaming can get really high. Here you can see a one million Euro win from Roshtein.

It’s hard to say how much money casino streamers actually put into their gaming. There are both high rollers and low rollers out there. There are streamers who play with just a few cents per bet and still manage to win lucrative amounts, while there are many who put down $1 per bet. For most streamers and viewers, the thrill is simply in knowing that real money can be won – or lost, with every single bet.

Many streamers also take on casino bonuses so they can even make more or bigger bets to drive up the level of excitement for the audience. In general, it’s not uncommon for streamers to spend several hundred dollars per streaming session. Bear this in mind if you’re just starting out, since it can add up rather quickly.

Slot Videos vs. Slot Streams

There are obviously plenty of slot videos of Youtube, with many on the latest releases and most popular games. These are great if you just want to learn about a game, but they lack the excitement of slot streams – or other casino streams for that matter.

Live Casino StreamingThe main difference between watching a video on Youtube versus watching a slot stream is the live factor. In a stream, it’s all happening real time. You can’t jump forward to find out the result and you’re in it together with the player. It really does feel like you’re sitting there together, and videos feel much more impersonally distanced in comparison.

The live chat feature is also a major difference. There’s nothing like interacting with other like-minded people. You can also chat with the streamer directly, and good streamers will often react and respond to what’s going on in the chat during gameplay.

Getting Tips from the Pros

Another advantage to streams compared to videos is that they’re great for getting gambling tips from more experienced players. While videos are great for learning the basics of the game, there’s no one to answer your questions. In a slot stream, the streamer is often talking off the top of his or her head about what will probably happen and the corresponding strategies. Over time, you can pick up some valuable lessons without even trying.

There are usually experienced gamblers in the chat too. Lots of players like to kick back and watch a stream of their favourite game. The chatter is full of tips, and many are happy to share their take on the latest games with others.

Can Viewers Make Money?

If you’re just watching a slot stream, you’re not really going to make money because you’re not putting any cash down to the gamble. However, there are some opportunities to collect a bit of cash as a viewer. Some streamers will give their subscribers and most loyal fans a share of their income. A 15% divvy is considered normal. This doesn’t really add up to a whole lot though, since it’s typically split between a lot of viewers. But it’s basically free money and if you’re a regular on multiple streams you could be looking at a few dollars every now and then.

Some streamers will also throw in raffles and competitions with prizes in their streams. Usually it’s free for subscribers to participate in these and a top prize of several hundred dollars is also not uncommon.

Fake Streamers

Like with any other industry, there are occasionally a couple of black sheep. There have been cases of fake streamers. In casino streaming, a fake streamer is someone who is not playing real money games. They might be playing in demo mode, where nothing can be won or lost. These are easy to pick out and avoid, as you will notice there is no excitement factor.

Then there is another brand of fake streamers: those who are playing with real money games but not with real money. By that, we mean money which leads to wins that are simply not withdrawable. These streamers are usually paid a fee by a casino that offers them a bankroll but on the condition that none of the wins can be withdrawn. These fake money streamers have also been outed. They often make crazy high bets, as if flushing money down the drain, but that’s because the wins and losses don’t matter. We caution players against these, mostly because they make it look fun and easy, but if you tried it yourself you might be risking a serious dent into your bank account.

Can You Get Rich with Casino Streaming?

Everyone is looking to make a quick buck, and while casino streaming can become a source of income, it is not as easy as it sounds. If you want to make money from it, you will need lots of loyal subscribers – and keep them. Even though streaming is still a relatively new industry, it’s booming and there’s a lot of competition. That means lots of work in making sure your stream is at least as engaging as the many other streams online. Other than being in front of the camera regularly, there’s a lot of prep work involved in finding the right games and collecting the bonus features so that you can skip some of the base game during the stream.

Don’t forget that a good casino streamer always plays with real money. The audience is smart and can smell a fake streamer right away. Watching someone play demo games is really not exciting and they will switch over to watch something else instead. For you, the streamer, that means you need to calculate the money you put in towards real money play as part of your operation costs. As with any casino game, it’s possible to win and lose. You should definitely have a bit of extra capital on the side before you get into this.

money iconIf you still want to become a casino streamer, we suggest that you first approach this as a hobby. It can take some time before you develop a steady following and any money coming in. If it takes off, then you can invest in better equipment and more time.

Pros and Cons between Watching and Playing

Some people, including experienced players, enjoy watching streams. Watching someone else play and win is great, but what about winning for yourself? It’s actually quite easy to get into the action. There are lots of licensed online casinos to choose from and many of them will give you a bonus or two with your first deposit. Maybe you’re already doing that and are considering becoming a streamer for yourself. There are advantages and disadvantages to all the different situations. We’ve summarised the pros and cons for you below:

Watching a stream


  • Don’t need to put any money down
  • No risk
  • Chat with other viewers
  • Learn about games and pick up tips
  • Small rewards sometimes available


  • Not your own game, not as exciting
  • No chance of winning

Playing yourself at a casino


  • Keep the winnings yourself
  • No one needs to know you are playing
  • No external pressure on when you should play


  • You need to risk your own money in betting

Playing as a casino streamer


  • Additional income from advertising
  • Can become well-known or famous
  • Lead a community of like-minded people


  • Need to pay attention to fans, even while playing
  • Income should be shared with fans to reward loyalty

Conclusion on Casino Streams

Casino streams are fantastic entertainment, and a great way to learn the ins and outs of a game. Seasoned players also enjoy the opportunity to kick back and watch others gamble. It’s fun to watch the highs and lows of real money gambling with others.

It thus comes as no surprise that casino streaming has really taken off in the last couple of years. In addition to sharing their passion with others, streamers can also make a side income from the ad revenue as well. Some are even making a career out of it. If you’re looking to become a casino streamer yourself, it’s easy to get started. However, it will take some work and a bit of capital before you may see success.

Mostly, you will need to stream regular hours to grow and maintain your fanbase, and the money put towards the casino games does add up since you’re typically looking at a couple of hours per session, and a few sessions a week. Whether you decide to join the action or simply be a spectator, casino streams are growing place for players to chat with each other over their shared interests. loyalty club banner

Casino Streamers
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