If you’re familiar with the Spanish speaking and Latam streamer space, then you’ve probably heard of WestCOL. Like many content creators, he started with Youtube videos early on before expanding to streaming on Twitch. One of Colombia’s most popular streamers today, WestCOL has been making waves with his gaming and just chatting streams. He often hosts streaming parties with gorgeous women and friends. And we’re also here to announce that he is now a Stake streamer. So needless to say, gambling streams are now a regular item on his repertoire, and he’s also moved over from Twitch to Kick for his streaming needs. Like many other casino streamers.

For those who are unfamiliar with this Colombian internet phenomenon, we’ll give you the lowdown on WestCOL in this article. Otherwise known as Luis Villa in real life, the streamer has been ruffling some feathers, namely for some homophobic comments he’s made in stream and has been in a bit of a spat with the German streamer Papaplatte. We’ll go more into detail into that later.


Westcol Streamer


Streamer name WestCOL
Real name Luis Villa
Country of origin Colombia
Current location Medellin, Colombia
Birthday 23.12.2002
Number of followers 1,300,000 (Twitch)
437,500 (Twitter)
471,000 (YouTube)
209,500 (Kick.com)
1,500,000 (Instagram)
399,800 (TikTok)
WestCOL favorite casino Stake casino
Standout characteristics Tight community with fans, known for homophobic comments.
Biggest win Unknown
Biggest multiplier Unknown

last update: September 2023

Which Casino does WestCol Play in?

WestCol recently signed a deal with Stake Casino, so as you might imagine, he’s been playing at Stake exclusively. As with these kinds of things, the parties involved haven’t said what’s involved in the deal, but for sure Luis is enjoying the massive range of games and the very flexible bet limits that the crypto casino has to offer.

Stake is a very friendly casino. Even if you don’t have a massive bankroll, you can play a lot of the games for free in demo mode, or make smaller wagers. This is actually something that we see in Westcol’s gambling strategy, which we will dive into later.

Stake Banner

Westcol’s Favorite Games

When it comes to gaming, Luis Villa began with Call of Duty, Minecraft and the likes. And in his casino streams, he has been putting most of his energy on slots, mostly on the high volatility kind with bonus games for some variation in action.

It is however worth remembering that Luis only really began the Stake streams in July 2023, so it’s probably safe to say that new titles will come up on this list as he explores all the possibilities in Stake’s gaming portfolio.

Westcol playing at Stake

When and Where does Luis Villa Stream?

Like many streamers, Villa used to have Twitch as his home base. However, due to the platform’s ban on gambling, most casino streamers have switched over to Kick. Streamers are more free to stream whatever they feel like at Kick, whether they’re just chatting or gambling they don’t have to hold back at all. And that applies to Luis too, meaning that if you want to watch his streams, Kick is the platform of choice today. You can still occasionally find WestCol at Twitch, but he’s definitely on Kick much more often.

Kick doesn’t have a Schedule tab, but Luis is usually on around noon in Colombia. For those in North America, that’s give or take an hour or two depending on whether you are on the East Coast or West Coast. In any case, pretty reasonable hours and if you can’t catch him live, videos of the stream are posted on Westcol’s Kick. Most of his streams last between 2 to 4 hours, though sometimes he’s been known to do 9 hour sessions. Content wise, there’s a lot of just chatting and gambling mixed in together, often with babes hanging out. Villa knows streaming is not just about showing viewers what gambling is, but also creating a space to hang together. And so the conversation in these streams are loose and flirty, with the kind of vibe you can easily site back with for a few hours. Many viewers also appreciate the extra eye candy from the babes around.

Westcool Kick Page

©kick.com/westcol | Westcol’s Kick page at the end of 2023 with over 200k Follower.

What’s Special About WestCOL?

Luis Villa is currently one of the most popular streamers in the Latam space. So what is so special about WestCOL and what is it that makes him stick with the audience?

Westcol Car Collection

©instagram.com/westcol | Westcol has some expensive and fast cars in his collection.

A lot of WestCOL’s appeal has to do with how easy it is for people to relate to the streamer. He came from a difficult background but never let it get him down. A true hustler, Luis Villa is a savvy guy who doesn’t just ride along and hope for the best, but also comes up with plenty of his own ideas. Like the super popular Stream Fighters events. And once he got to the top, he knows how to enjoy the riches and he doesn’t hide anything from his audience. He’s always happy to show off his car and truck collection and even offered to give a tour of his home on live stream. He’s also never too modest to show off the fact that he’s already achieved millionaire status either. Westcol is young, tough and successful.

Sometimes however, Villa does come out a bit too unfiltered and has caused some controversy with the LGBTQ community for his homophobic comments. This led to a bit of tensions with not just the queer folk, but also with the German streamer Papaplatte. There was a pixel war in Reddit when Luis tried to hijack the famous “Socialist Fraternal Kiss” artwork of two men kissing after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Luis Villa Bio

Luis Villa was born in 2002, in Medellin, Colombia. He grew up in an environment of violence, and lost several of his childhood friends to crime. Determined to live a different life, Luis started working the stalls in the market, with long 10 hour days to bring some cash home. With his eyes set on a grander future, Villa moved on to work as a waiter at a bar.

When the pandemic hit in 2020 and put these jobs to a standstill, he started looking to the internet where he had opened a Youtube channel in 2015, back when he was only 13. With the help of another influencer, Dabo, Luis Villa began streaming games. It only took a few months before things took off, and WestCOL was en route to become Colombia’s and Latin America’s most recognized streamer.

Private Life – Girlfriends and More

Westcol Aida Kissing

©tiktok.com/@westcol__official | Here’s a screenshot from an old stream, when Aida and Luis where still together.

Although Westcol keeps a mostly open book with his community, little is known about his family. Like no one knows who his brothers or sisters are, or if he even has any. However, we do have a pretty good view on his relationship status. For two months in 2022 and 2023, he was in a relationship with Aida Victoria Merlano Manzaneda, who’s an Instagram model and daughter of the politician, Aida Merlano. They’re no longer an item although reports say they’re still flirty with each other and there’s still chemistry.

More recently, Maria Isabel Villa has been appearing more on Westcol streams, and there’s certainly no shortage of physical moments between the two. However, they both deny that they’re a couple. He may or may not be ready for commitment into a steady relationship, but what’s clear is that Villa has decided to live his best life and to enjoy it with beautiful women.


WestCOL on Social Media

As Colombia’s top streamer, Luis Villa knows very well what it means to be a professional streamer. It means that he must be active and connected to the community through social media, and so he is active on all the major platforms such as Kick, Tiktok, Youtube and Twitter. Although you will definitely find that some of the content is similar, Villa understands that each platform has its own distinct niche and so tailors content for each.

WestCOL on Kick

At the moment Kick is where WestCOL finds his headquarters as a streamer. Even though he clearly gambles online, the bulk of his streams is not categorized as casino. He really focuses on using Just Chatting to create a vibe for hanging out with his audiences and his friends in front of the camera, where they can talk about a whole bunch of things and maybe also spin some slots as well.

Westcol Kick.com Broadcasts

©kick.com/westcol | Luis is streaming regularly on Kick.com. And when he is online, he streams for hours.

And Westcol seems to be on to something, because he’s already got a 200k follower count on Kick, which is pretty up there as one of the top Kick streamers and even higher than Roshstein when we checked. When you consider that his streams are in Spanish only, you can see how Luis Villa really has the Latam streaming space cornered.

Westcol on Youtube

Youtube was where WestCOL first started out as a content creator, and he still maintains a presence here. On his Youtube you’ll mostly find clips and highlights from his streams and the house parties he holds. He has more than 471,000 subscribers to his main YT channel Westcol, but he also has 3 other channels where he files other content. There’s Un Poco de Westcol with 48.2k subscribers, where you might get a view of his non-relationship status and things are slightly more intimate. Westclips has a 69k following and the content here is a bit of everything, with a lot of chatting with friends, women and shorts. Westcol Exclusive is a relatively new channel and already has 149k subscribers, and shows off some of the streamer’s very expensive cars.

Westcol Youtube Videos

©youtube.com/@WestCOL242 | Luis is really active on Youtube. There are days when he posts two videos.

Westcol on Twitter (now X)
Westcol on Twitter

©twitter.com/WestCOL_ | Westcol’s Twitter (now X) header with one of his favorite cars.

Westcol is super active on Twitter, or X, and can tweet several times a day. You really get a feel for Luis Villa here as he not only talks about his streams and his pet project Stream Fighters, but also about his life and his Mustangs. Of course, some of it is just a reminder for his fans before he goes live, or just an honest thanks. He’s been on here since 2015 and has 436.9k followers. You can see that Twitter has become his second skin, and his tweets can turn into real conversations that hold the community together.

Westcol on Instagram
Westcol Instagram Stake

©instagram.com/westcol | On Villa’s Instagram feed you can also see some advertising for Stake.

You get very different content on Westcol’s Instagram. After all, it’s a completely different platform focused on photos, and that’s what he delivers. His 1.5 million followers on Insta get to see a lot more of Luis Villa’s personal life and his friends. You get a pretty good feeling of the tough background that he came from, and the struggle of rising above it all in Colombia.

There are also pics of him at local football games, travelling, and his car collection. And of course, the huge IRL gatherings with his fans in Bogota are very popular events, and you will see photos of that on Westcol’s Insta too.

Westcol on TikTok

Tiktok is still a relatively new arena for Luis. But there are still lots of Westcol TikToks, already with 1.8 million likes and roundabout 400k followers. The content here is short and sweet, with a lot more in real life videos comparatively speaking. Like eating a steak in Dubai, just commenting on the streamer scene while walking around, or shooting with a girl wrapped around him.

Westcols TikTok Feed

©tiktok.com/@twitchwestcol | Most of Luis’ Videos on TikTok gain more then a million views./span>

Westcol in a Nutshell

Westcol is the most popular streamer in Colombia and in the Latin American space. Known as Luis Villa in real life, Westcol is young and a true hustler. Born in Medellin, Colombia in 2002, the streamer has come out from the school of hard knocks. He grew up in an environment of difficulty and violence, and was determined to make a better life for himself. Luis started on Youtube in 2015 when he was just 13 and things really picked up for him as a streamer in 2020, when he started streaming Call of Duty, GTA and other e-sports.

There’s a lot of chatting in his streams and he stays close with his community. He does have a bit of a reputation for being a bit of a homophobe but that hasn’t stopped his fan base from growing. Luis Villa has also had a thing for online gambling, and now with the Stake Casino Deal, we’re expecting more epic WestCOL casino sessions.

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