When it comes to casino streaming, Roshtein is without a doubt one of the most famous casino streamers. His name will pop up very quickly the moment you start checking out the scene. This native from Sweden has been streaming since 2015 and has always been big on slots. Today, he counts millions of viewers per month on his streams, with even more followers on his social media platforms. This man certainly knows how to gamble and to entertain equally well.

Roshtein new Twitch logoBehind the moniker is a man by the name of Ishmael Swartz. He was born in 1988, rumored on 5th March. The original Roshtein and the source of the streamer’s inspiration actually lived in the 1800s and was a notorious American gambler.

As a casino streamer, Roshtein is known for his big bets, which can start a 500 Euros a spin and go up to 2,000 Euros and more. High stakes for big wins are part of his signature. In fact, what made him famous early in 2016 was a video of him winning 900 Euros, right after a massive 5,000 Euro win. And of course, we have all the details on Roshtein for you.

Roshtein Streamer Title


Streamer Name Roshtein
Real Name Ismael Swartz
Country of Origin Sweden
Year of Birth 1988
No. of Followers 160,000 (Kick)
1,100,000 (Twitch)
125,100 (Twitter)
22,500 (Telegram)
132,000 (Instagram)
13,000 (Facebook)
19,000 (Discord)
3,200 (Reddit)
Rohstein’s Favourite Casino Stake Casino
Specialty Big stakes and big wins
Biggest Win $18,750,000 in Wanted – Dead or A Wild
Biggest Multiplier x35,581 in El Paso Gunfight
Roshtein Net Worth Estimated $33 million*

* Our estimate of Roshtein’s net worth is based on the following:
Roshtein has roughly 1,100,000 followers on Twitch. 25% of them have followed Roshtein’s affiliate links and opened a real money casino account. That comes to about 275,000 users. If the casino pays him a CPA (Cost per Acquisition) of $120 per sign up, then that comes to a total of roughly $33 million, or 30 million Euros.

Last Update: September 2023

Which Casinos does Roshtein play at?

After playing at several different sites, Roshtein has found his home at Stake Casino. Stake is one of the most trusted and popular crypto casinos, which means that if you will be in good hands if you want to try your luck at Roshtein’s hang. And no worries if you don’t have any crypto. You can easily buy coins on the site to get in on the game right away.

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Roshtein’s Top Games

Roshtein is primarily a slots guy. With streams being several hours long, he does play a variety of games. However, like with anyone else, he obviously has some favourites. Famed for his big bets for big wins technique, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Roshtein has a special penchant for high volatility slots. Games like Wanted – Dead or a Wild or Le Bandit are often featured on Roshtein’s streams. Below are some of the slots the star keeps going back to:

Money Train


Book of Dead

Dog House

Danger High Voltage

You can of course give these games a spin for yourself. They’re all available for free play in demo mode at the casinos listed here. It goes without saying that if you want to win, then you’re going have to play with real money.

Where and When does Roshtein Stream?

When it comes to casino streaming, is without a doubt the platform to go with today. You will easily find Roshtein on Kick and we’re also happy to report that you will also find his old streams there. He is online regularly several times per week, usually starting in the afternoon and going late into the night, with the adrenaline really picking up around 8pm during prime time. And if you do the math, it becomes clear pretty quickly that Roshtein streams are long. Some might last for over 10 hours, while he’s also been known to do tournaments for 12 hours or even longer. This man is a phenomenon.

If for whatever reason you can’t make it to Roshtein’s live streams despite these very long hours, there are also Roshtein videos on Youtube. But you should probably be aware that these videos are content produced by fans, and Roshtein himself is not on Youtube anymore. He seems to have fully moved over to the Kick platform when it comes to casino stream videos.

What’s Special About Roshtein?

Other than his high rolling gambling technique, one of the reasons why Roshtein is such a successful streamer is because of his personality. Because that’s what keeps the audience engaged.

Rosh is often chatting with his fans while streaming and shares the joys of his wins, both emotionally and financially. His signature hat and long hair may make you think he’s all dark and gloomy, but he’s actually a likeable guy who has an infectious laugh and smile. Roshtein is incredibly down to earth in the middle of all this fame and money. It’s clear he’s a loaded multi-millionaire, it’s clear he knows how to gamble. And at the same time, he’s still a goofy, friendly, all round good guy.

Then there is the fact that Roshtein was one of the first to dedicate himself to slot streaming. While many streamers moved over to casino streaming after a prolific career in esports like Call of Duty and League of Legends, Roshtein dedicated himself to the slots medium early on. Rosh has a passion for reels like no other, and it shows.

But of course, we can’t ignore his incredible high roller bets either. And we’ll get more into that next.

Roshtein’s Max Wins

Roshteins Record Win of 16,650,000 Dollar

© | For ages, a win over one million seemed out of reach. But in 2021, Roshtein showed that big wins in online casinos are possible. His biggest win to date is $18.75 million.

Roshtein has been streaming since 2015 and has seen some big wins along the way. 2021 was an especially good year for Roshtein when he started scoring really big wins above the million dollar mark. He started the year off with a bang, with two six-figure wins in January alone. He also raked in a €500,000 win in the Fruit Party slot with a €100 bet. It was during a free spins bonus round when it all shot through the roof. Technically, Roshtein won a bit more than that, but since the game has winnings capped at €500k, that’s the payout he got. And if you’ve ever wondered whether you can actually get the maximum payout to a slot game, Roshtein has proved it’s possible.

But it gets even crazier. In April 2021, Roshtein hit the ever so allusive million dollar mark, with  €1,000,000 win in the Book of Shadows online slot. Again, it was during the free spins, when he wagered the max bet of €100.

But it gets even better than $1 million. Roshstein set a new record with a $2.5 million win (or €2.1m) max win on Fruit Party, with a $500 bet. And then in October 2021, Roshtein had some awesome luck with Wanted – Dead or a Wild, and cashed on a win just a touch shy of $9 million on a bonus round. And this was just after he had scored $3.7 million on the same slot.

After consistently cracking the million dollar mark, 2022 delivered even more. On Wanted Dead or a Wild, he scored 3 big wins above $15 million, including his current record win of $18.75 million. Granted, these wins were all made with pretty big bets sized at $1,500, but $15 mil is nonetheless pretty amazing. We’re looking forward to even bigger and better wins from Rosh!

High Roller or Fake Bets?

Although he does play with small bets once in a blue moon, putting down wagers worth €200, €500 or €1,000 or more isn’t uncommon for this Swede. Roshtein is one of highest betting streamers you will find. This all adds up quite fast especially since his streams typically last for at least 7 hours. Understandably, many have questioned whether it’s all real money he’s using or if it’s just all fake bets.

The jury is still out on these rumors, but there is no conclusive evidence that Roshtein is a fake. Given that he has been high rolling for so many years now, we would expect any dirt to be dug up by now, especially since other casino streamers using fake money have been outed. Still, the amounts Roshtein bets with are very high and it’s definitely not your average joe’s bankroll. It’s hard to conclude if these are fake bets or not, but in the meantime we can still enjoy his casino streams for the entertainment value.

Bonus Hunts & Other Programs

Roshtein has several programs on, and one of the most popular is the Bonus Hunt. Bonus Hunt features free spins and other special features that the streamer has collected from various slot games in advance or bought as bonus-buys, and then he plays them all one after another with his viewers. This is a good bit of prep work on Roshtein’s side, but it makes for a better stream. After all, we all know it can take a while in a slot’s base game before the bonus features open up, and that’s when the big wins come in.

smiley iconAnother popular program is RoshFails. RoshFails are compilation of Roshtein’s biggest losses. Even the kingpins lose sometimes. A good choice if you are looking for a laugh or some commiseration.

Roshtein: Private Life

The casino streamer has opted to keep his personal life private. There is actually very little we know about Roshtein. Other than his name and the fact that he’s from Sweden with German and Turkish roots, Ismael Swartz has decided to keep a tight lid on his personal life. We know that he was born in 1988. And it seems that he has no girlfriend right now. We do know he’s moved to sunny Malta, and enjoys spending time with his pups Sia and Gaga, and as well as going to the gym.

He does occasionally post photos of his travels and adventures on his social media accounts, and from there we can get a taste of Roshtein’s life and style. Seems like a nice guy who enjoys the good life.

Roshtein Instagram pics

© | You can get a glimpse of Roshtein’s private life on Instagram, although the bulk is casino and gambling content.

Roshtein on Discord

Roshtein can also be found on Discord. He has a strong following here with roundabout 20,000 fans subscribed to his server. The personal invitation link to the Roshtein server has been available for a while, but it really took off in August 2021 after Twitch banned casino promotion links and codes on its platforms.

At advertising for online casinos is not a problem anymore. But Roshtein still keeps his Discord channel alive and uses it to communicate exclusive content and for special promotions for his fans.

Discord Functions

Discord is essentially a platform for private chatrooms, or servers. It works on desktop and mobile, and it’s free, although users can buy upgrades to enable larger file uploads and whatnot. It also allows users to create settings to their servers. The Roshstein server, with its gambling content, is set to 18+ only.

Roshtein on Social Media

As one of the top casino streamers, Roshtein is a bit of a celebrity and he keeps his fans in the loop via all the usual social media channels. Although Twitch was his home base, he has now moved over to Kick. He’s also active on Instagram, Twitter, as well as Youtube.

Roshtein on Kick

Roshtein was one of the first to start picking up on the Kick platform towards the end of 2022. The new platform offered casino streamers a lot more freedom in comparison to Twitch, which had put in a gambling ban. The move to Kick has been relatively smooth for Rosh, since he maintains good communications with his viewers, whether it be on other social media channels or in streams themselves. Sure, he still has way more subscribers on Twitch but Roshtein has manage to build a 160k strong following since the move.

Roshtein on Twitch

With over 1.1 m followers on Twitch, this was where Roshtein was most active. Not only was he one of the most popular casino streamers, but he was also one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, period. If you want to get into Roshtein streams today on Twitch, you’ll find it’s empty. After the so called casino ban in October 2022, Roshtein stopped streaming on Twitch and made the switch to

Roshtein Twitch recent broadcasts

© | For Roshtein it is not unusual to stream for ten hours or longer. The casino streamer loves high rolling with bets worth thousands of Euros.

Roshtein on Instagram
Roshtein Instagram highlights

© | On Roshtein’s Instagram highlights you can see that he is mainly posting gambling and travel content.

The Roshtein Instagram account features pictures of the streamer’s life outside of gambling. There are occasional pics from his childhood, but mostly Roshtein on Insta is loaded with pics of his travels and holidays. What you will see here is a man who clearly knows how to enjoy life. From sunny days on a SUP, to scuba diving, to enjoying a protein shake after a game of tennis, Rosh has a pretty active life outside of streaming. And he certainly seems to enjoy the sunny life in Malta and discovering all the world has to offer.

Roshtein also uses the Instagram Stories feature to show his followers some behind the scene views as his prepares for his casino streams. Sometimes you’ll also find pics from his collabs with others. Such as when he was in Toronto co-streaming with Drake in October 2022. And even though there is no explicit gambling here, it’s certainly a hit as Roshtein has over 157,000 followers on Instagram.

Roshtein on Twitter

Roshtein tweets a lot of news about his casino streams to almost 125,000 followers on Twitter. From game highlights to giveaways for fans, Twitter is a good channel to stay up to date with all that this casino streamer has to offer. Roshtein tweets are also great for getting a preview of the insane bonus rounds he has prepped for his streams. But it’s a lot more than just reminders and notifications because every now and then, there are selfies and pics of him with other streamers and celebs like Adin Ross and Drake live at special events. In short, Roshtein’s twitter can be an awesome option for staying plugged in to all that’s happening in the casino streaming space.

Roshtein on Telegram

There’s also the possibility to stay up to date through the Roshtein Telegram channel. You’ll get messages whenever there’s a prize to be dropped, a stream to start, or just something new about to happen. In between, there’s a plenty of funny gifs to keep everyone entertained.

Just remember though, this is more like a broadcast channel, so you won’t be sending direct messages to Roshtein. It’s more of a one way street where Rosh sends a blast to the group. You can of course react to the messages in a myriad of ways. And many subscribers do, and you really get to feel the vibe in the Rosh community.

Roshtein on Reddit

Unsurprisingly, this top casino streamer is talked about enough on Reddit to get his own subreddit. But to be honest, the conversation threads here aren’t particularly strong despite there being just over 3k members. If forced to choose, we’d give this a hard miss. But it’s not an either or situation when it comes to social media, but it’s really what works for you.

Roshtein on Facebook

Roshtein is on Facebook, but he hasn’t really been posting since the beginning of 2023. When he did, there was a good variety of topics in his posts going well beyond casino stuff and fans could get a good feel for his personality. Although not really active, Roshtein still has more than 10,000 followers on FB.

Summary on Roshtein

When it comes to casino streaming, Roshtein is one of the biggest players. With one of the biggest fanbases, Roshtein is not only known for being an exceptional gambler but also for being a fantastic entertainer. It does come with work, and the streamer is known for preparing bonuses for his streams well in advance.

With his signature high stakes betting, Roshtein has attracted both love and hate. Some accuse him of being a fake streamer playing with fake money. Evidence remains inconclusive though. What is certain however, is that his slot streams are certainly filled with action.

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