Corinna Kopf – Casino Streamer

Corinna Kopf is one of the most popular American personalities on social media. This babe started out in Twitter in 2011 and then quickly became one of the hottest models on Instagram. Before she knew it, her popularity exploded and the gutsy Corinna decided to take the gamble of her life: she dropped out of high school to pursue her social media career full time. No doubt, it was a bit crazy, but it seems it was a wise choice. Because if you look at her net worth, she’s clearly managed to find her own way to success.

Initially doing beauty and lifestyle content, Corinna Kopf is now known for so much more. She’s well known for her playful pranks, story time, challenges, and her tattoos and belly button piercing that she’s always happy to show off. Of course, there are the romantic relationships with other celebs and streamers too. In March 2022, she started venturing into the online casino streaming scene with Duelbits Casino. Now she changed her partners and plays exclusively at Stakes Casino. That’s no surprise and it seems only natural that Corinna would eventually venture into this realm given her daring personality. And we’re so glad to have the pouty girl’s presence on our screens.

thumbs upCasinos have traditionally been thought of as a mostly male domain. Not in this day and age, as Corinna Kopf shows. Women can be just as sharp, and Corinna’s touch of powerful femininity at Stake Casino is definitely welcome.

Corinna Kopf – the Casino Streamer

Corinna Kopf Casino Streamer

©Corinna Kopf

Streamer Name Corinna Kopf
Real Name Corinna Kopf
Place of birth Illinois, USA
Year of Birth 1995
No. of Followers 922,500 (Twitch)
2,700,000 (Twitter)
1,760,000 (YouTube)
4,600,000 (TikTok)
6,800,000 (Instagram)
722,000 (Snapchat)
1,108,700 (Facebook)
Corinna Kopf’s Favourite Casino Duelbits Casino
Standout characteristics Openly bisexual, stylish and also does fashion design
Biggest Win unknown
Biggest Multiplier unknown
Corinna Kopf’s Net Worth ~ $10 million

Last Update: August 2022

Which casinos does Corinna Kopf play at?

The bombshell has been known to grace her male counterparts’ various casino streaming sessions, but after she played for several months at Duelbits recently started collaborating with Stake  Casino. So the short answer is that Corinna Kopf plays at Stake Casino. It only started in August 2022 though, which means it’s all pretty new and the details of the contract haven’t been disclosed.

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However, looking at what other casino streamers make, we imagine there’s a good amount of money involved since Corinna has a strong modelling career and is more than capable with her beauty and brains. Given Corinna’s high media profile, it certainly won’t be less than the sums that top male casino streamers get.

Corinna Kopf’s favorite games

Stake is one of the top crypto casinos, which means there are plenty of games to choose from. Crypto casinos are known for their wider gambling options, which covers casino games, sportbetting, as well as e-sports.

While she does check in to edgy crypto games like Plinko or Crash and live casino offerings, Corinna Kopf seems to have developed a special taste for Blackjack and slots, which is especially obvious during her late night gambling streams. On her playlist is Jammin Jars and Sweet Bonanza, which are always popular with streamers and high rollers, along with some cowboy slots like Wild West Gold, Wanted Dead or a Wild, as well as other reels like Hot Fiesta.

Corinna Kopf playing her favorite games at Stake

Where and when does Corinna Kopf stream?

The where part is easy. Although she had a deal with Facebook Gaming in 2019, Corinna Kopf streams nowadays are on Twitch. You’ll see that she does more than casino, including the classic “Just Chatting” streams, along with Fortnite. The girl loves gaming through and through.

As for when she streams. Being the free spirit that she is, Corinna doesn’t post a streaming schedule on her Twitch page. She usually streams in the evening West Coast time, since she’s out in Los Angeles. The sessions are usually around 3 hours long. However, there are some odd occasions when she’s been on in the afternoon as well. We’ve also noticed that she’s been streaming more regularly as of late and is live several times a week. Still, there’s no fixed schedule from Miss Kopf though.

What is so special about Corinna Kopf?

This American babelicious influencer is flirtatious and there’s been several rumors about her romantic life. She has no issues with it though and handles it all smoothly. In 2019, she was said to have had a hook up with Logan Paul. Then there were relationship rumors when Corinna started appearing more on Adin Ross streams in late 2020, including steaming hot tub moments. When Corinna and Adin kissed on stream in 2021, fans went wild.

Their fling didn’t turn into much more though, and both influencers went their separate ways afterwards, with Adin coupling up with Pamibaby a few months later. Many ask whether Corinna and David Dobrik are dating. Corinna was part of Dobrik’s vlog squad in 2016, but she now focuses on her own content creation. The two are just good friends

© | The video of Corinna Kopf and Adin Ross kissing on stream. The clip went viral. It’s not clear though whether it’s real or whether the two were doing it for the clicks.

Confident and gorgeous, Corinna Kopf is very open, as her posts on Insta and Twitter show. She’s openly bisexual and even though not everyone is willing to accept that, Corinna doesn’t let anyone tell her how to live her life. Most of her fans have zero issues with it, as can be seen from her loyal and growing following on all the social media channels.

Although you’ll find the blonde bombshell scantily clothed, Corinna Kopf is equally comfortable in a t-shirt or hoodie, especially on a late night stream. Despite her fame and riches, Corinna can be very down to earth, unlike many male streamers who have loaded up on the swank. She loves to spend time on the ranch with her horses and her small dog, which she adopted.

The influencer’s gaming

Corinna Kopf playing Fortnite

© | Corinna Kopf playing Fortnite in a Twitch live stream.

Like with many streamers and influencers, Corinna Kopf is also a gamer at heart. Although she started off modelling on IG with beauty tips in 2011, she quickly got into online gaming a few years later. She’s proven to be a sharp shooter in first person shooter games as well as multi-player games like Fortnite, which she plays a lot of on her Twitch streams.

The babe has appeared on other gamers’ streams. In addition to Adin Ross, she has also played with other gamers like 999 SID. She also became friends with other streamers like Turner “Tfue” Tenny on Fortnite streams, and the two were even in a relationship until 2019.

Info IconTowards the end of March 2022, Corinna Kopf did her first stream at Duelbits Casino, cracking the casino gaming arena. Of course, she had appeared on other casino streamers’ sessions before, but this was her very own premiere.

What is Corinna Kopf’s net worth?

Pouty girl made a good bet when she decided to drop out of school to be an influencer full time. Not only does she get to live life her way, but she also makes a killing doing it too. So exactly how loaded is she? We estimate that Corinna Kopf’s net worth is around the $10 million mark. As an influencer, Kopf had already been reeling good money modelling and was worth roughly $400k in 2019 according to some videos.

There’s now the deal with Duelbits and before that there was the deal with Facebook Gaming. Shortly after she built a Fortnite fan base on FB, she went onto OnlyFans. In August 2021, Kopf said that she made $4 million in just one month on OnlyFans. Apparently, she’s still raking in $1 million a month on the platform. The numbers haven’t been verified, but even if the amounts are exaggerated, it would still put her net worth comfortably in the $10 million range with all the other deals she has.

Corinna Kopf Private Life – Animal Lover with Talent and Heart

How is this bombshell in her private life? In case you’re wondering about Corinna Kopf’s bio, we have the scoop for you.

Kopf was born on 1 December 1995, in Palatine, Illinois, in the USA. Daughter of a single mother, she spent a lot of her childhood with her German grandparents, which is why she speaks German fluently. This Sagittarius is true to her sign and loves spending time with animals. She loves horses and riding on the ranch, and adopted a small dog from a rescue.

Corinna Kopf and her animals

© | Animals and her farm play a big role in Corinna Kopf’s life.

Beyond the screen, Corinna has also started a fashion label called Pouty Girl, a nod to her name on Twitter. She designs lingerie, nightwear, t-shirts and other items that are selling like crazy on the Fanjoy platform.

It hasn’t always been easy for Corinna. Her brother took his own life, and to remember him, she has tattooed the message, “You are strong, I love you” on her foot. She’s got other tattoos and piercings elsewhere too.

Corinna Kopf on social media

The girl really knows how to work it. In 2011, Corinna Kopf decided to become a professional content creator. In 2012, she had her breakthrough modelling on Instagram and today she has 6.3 million followers on Instagram.

Corinna Kopf on Twitch
Corinna Kopf on Twitch


Twitch is actually not Corinna’s strongest platform. For a couple of years, she left Twitch to join Facebook Gaming, so her follower count is not as high as it could be. Still, it’s growing day by day and she has well over 922,000 followers here.

You’ll find Corinna’s casino and Fortnite streams here, and she also does Just Chatting sessions where she’s just hanging out with her fans for hours. To see her older streams you had to pay a subscription fee, but it seems she changed it so everybody can see the videos. Plus, you can always check out recorded videos of her streams for free.

Corinna Kopf on Youtube

Over at Youtube, Corinna posts videos of the weird and crazy things she gets up to with friends. Stuff like Boyfriend Challenges, re-creating photos with the super cute Liza Koshy, skin care and make up tips, clothing hauls and makeovers, vlogs and sometimes with long time collaborator David Dobrik. There isn’t any gambling content here though and you would have to go back to Twitch for that.

Corinna Kopf's Youtube uploads

© | Corinna Kopf hasn’t uploaded new content on Youtube for years. Although she has still millions of followers here.

Corinna Kopf has a huge following on Youtube with 1.76 million subscribers. However, it’s been a while since she last posted here. Since 2020 to be exact. It’s been pretty quiet here but it seems her fans are waiting patiently while getting their pouty girl fix on other channels.

Pouty Girl on Twitter
Pouty Girl Corinna Kopf on Twitter

© | Corinna Kopf has been on Twitter since 2011. That’s for over ten years.

You could say Twitter was really where it all started, when Corinna began tweeting as Pouty Girl while still in high school. The girl’s tweets cover all sorts of things, from her crushes, to her love for animals, to the release of the lingerie line from her fashion label modelled by Corinna himself. Of course, these very hot and curvaceous pictures get thousands of clicks within hours.

Although Twitter is no longer Corinna Kopf’s main focus, she remains pretty active here. She tweets frequently and is quick to respond. It’s all part of being an approachable social media personality.

Corinna Kopf on Instagram
Corinna Kopf Instagram


Instagram is possibly Corinna Kopf’s favorite hangout. She loves it so much that she recently started a second Insta account called “Corinnascameraroll”. This is mostly her day to day life with animals on the farm.

The original account is under her real name. It has well over 6.3 million followers and is by far her most popular channel. This is where she posts her sexy pics. In fact, she’s been accused of posting pics here before posting them on her Only Fans account. Being the free spirit that Corinna is, she doesn’t let herself get held back by what other people have to say and you’ll find lots of pictures of pouty girl in bikini here.

Corinna on TikTok

TikTok is best known for its short viral videos. Created in 2016, TikTok is where various viral challenges and trends begin. Like the floss dance craze for example.

Miss Kopf isn’t here to sing and dance, but Corinna Kopf’s TikTok has certainly managed to attract viewers and she has 4.6 million subscribers. The thumbnails of her videos show that she typically gets over 10 million, and sometimes more than 20 million views.

Thumbs down iconCorinna’s took a short Tiktok break at the beginning from 2022. But now she is back and rocks the house. It seems that there are times when she is more activ on the platform and times when she is not.
Corinna Kopf TikTok

© | Corinna’s Tiktoks get a very high number of views, so she’s certainly successful here. She fits in on this platform well, even though she hasn’t been active on Tiktok for a while now.

Corinna Kopf on Facebook

Facebook developed the Facebook Gaming community a few years back. It’s similar to Twitch where players can live stream their games, whether it be Fortnite or LoL.

Kopf signed a deal with FB and moved over there from Twitch. She’s moved back to Twitch since then, but she still has 1.1 million followers on FB. You’ll still find videos of her streams here, and it’s mostly of her playing Fortnite as she didn’t have any connections to casinos back then. Nowadays, with her deal with Duelbits, she streams exclusively on Twitch.

Corinna Kopf Facebook Gaming

© | Corinna Kopf’s Facebook Gaming page still lists “Recent Videos” but in her last video she mentions that she is leaving FB Gaming. On March 1, 2022, she announced that she was moving back to streaming on Twitch.

The Long and Short on Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf is one of the most successful influencers in the social media realm today and knows how to engage her audience across different channels. While being very open about her life, she is also smart enough to keep the key details private. Like she bought a Farm in Florida and gave audiences a tour on Youtube, but was careful to keep the location specifics private.

As one of the few women online casino streamers, Corinna Kopf is gold. She offers a fresh contrast to mostly male Twitch gamers like Adin Ross, adding a touch of sex appeal and femininity to the scene.

smiley iconIn all of this, Corinna has her long term goals. She wants four kids and has even chosen the names for them. A man is still required to help her complete the job, but she’ll certainly have no problems finding willing candidates. In the meantime, she’s focused on her Twitch and Instagram, and her partnership with Stake Casino gives her an extra outlet for her amazing personality.
Corinna Kopf - Casino Streamer
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