Drake the Rap Star and Stake Casino Player

The rumor mill is bubbling: Will the musician Drake up the ante and become a Twitch casino streamer in the near future?!?

This has certainly been a popular question and a distinct possibility since the international superstar made a short stream of Instagram posts at the beginning of 2022 clearly showing that he has been spending his free time playing at none other than the number one crypto casino, Stake. In particular, his initial posts demonstrated a special affinity for the Evolution Gaming Live Roulette game, which makes sense, as he has long been known to be a roulette fan.

Since then he has added Stake sports to his gambling repertoire, at least publically starting on Valentine’s Day 2022 following his big Super Bowl bet win.

That being said, while Stake gambling is generally something we see touted on Twitch, for now Drake seems to be keeping his actual sessions to himself with only short glimpses available via pics on Instagram. However, since he does appear to have a Twitch channel, which he has used in the past for Fortnite play, anything is possible. So we can certainly keep our fingers crossed and hope that the rumors are true, and we may get to see Drake gamble in action someday.

Basic Drake stats

Drake playing at Stake Casino


Stage name Drake
Real Name Aubrey Drake Graham
Born Toronto, Canada
Birthday October 24, 1986
Citizenship Canadian and American
Followers 103 million (Instagram)
39.4 million (Twitter)
26 million (YouTube)
53 million (Facebook)
69.8K (TikTok)
Drake’s Favourite Casino Stake Casino
Claim to fame Actor, musician, rapper, entrepreneur, and roulette lover
Highest online casino win $354,000 playing roulette
Biggest Multiplier N / A
Net Worth $180 to $200 million (estimated)

Last Update: February 2022

Who is Drake anyhow?

The question of Drake on Stake is interesting. But first things first. Who is the guy anyhow you? (you may be wondering).

Drake, whose full name is Aubrey Drake Graham, is currently one of the most successful rappers and R’n’B singers in the world. He was born on October 1986 in Toronto, Canada to a black Christian father and Jewish mother, and attended a Jewish elementary school growing up.

Info IconAt the age of 15 he rose to fame as an actor on the very popular Degrassi: The Next Generation series where he starred from 2001 through 2008. At the same time, he started dabbling in music, releasing Room for Improvement, his debut mixtape in 2006 and then Comeback Season in 2007, which grabbed him much attention with the hit Replacement Girl.

His big rise to music fame, however, began in 2010 with the release of his first studio album Thank Me Later. He has since gone on to sell over 170 million albums and numerous platinum, gold, and diamond records.

What makes Drake special?

To the question what makes Drake special, the answer might just be, what doesn’t? He has known tremendous success across a multitude of disciplines ranging from acting to music and even casino gambling. But although it is clear to us now that he was born with the golden touch, for him, his beginnings were not all that easy. Growing up both black and Jewish in a home of limited means, he was no stranger to bullying throughout his childhood.

This kind of fact always seems rather surprising in retrospect, but the reality is that even some of the biggest celebrities today were bullied in their youth. And this is even in light of the fact that Drake actually comes from a pretty famous musical line himself. His father, Dennis Graham, performed as a drummer with none other than Jerry Lee Lewis while one uncle, Larry Graham, was a member of the group Sly and the Family Stone, and another uncle, Teenie Hodges, contributed numbers to Al Green.

Drake Decade Meme

©instagram.com/champagnepapi | Drake posted this meme on his Instagram account – serving as a pretty accurate indicator of where the musician was ten years ago and where he is now.

But it wasn’t family connections that got him to where he is today – that is, one of the most successful R&B stars around. Rather it was good old fashioned sweat and blood, i.e. hard work and dedication over a long career.

Over the years he has received many awards for his talents, including 4 Grammys. In 2022, however, he caused quite a stir when he withdrew his Grammy nominations, apparently in displeasure for being pigeon-holed as a rap artist, as opposed to other categories. He has also made a lot of headlines for whom he dates, in particular his on-again off-again love affair with Rihanna (which we’ll detail more in a bit).

His gambling, of course, is not what got him famous. And not everyone knows this side of him. That being said, it is not something that he hides either, as he has been known to sport a stunning Jacob & Co Astronomia casino watch, with a working roulette wheel as its face piece. And there are plenty of stories of him out there involving his visits to land-based casinos, as well as his more recent posts of his Stake game play.

While still a reasonably humble and grounded guy in persona, Drake is known to live very well. For example, he resides in a massive $100 million mansion in Toronto known as “The Embassy”, has multiple other homes, and even owns a Boeing 767. And all and all his net worth is estimated at $180 to $200 million – with monies earned from his music, sponsorships, and entrepreneurial endeavors like his Virginia Black whiskey brand.

So again, what makes him special? Well, all this! 🙂

Which casinos does Drake play at?

While local casinos apparently did it for the musician years ago, and likely still do when he’s around one, Drake has openly stated that he has found a new steady address for his passion at Stake.com.

Stake Ethereum Banner

If you’re not familiar with Stake yourself, we’ll just give you a brief introduction. Basically it is a very high-quality provider of casino games and sports betting of all kinds. The special feature is the fact that all banking – including deposits and withdrawals – as well as your actual bets are made in the form of crypto currency. However, while the term Bitcoin casino would definitely apply to Stake, it is far more than that as you can choose to gamble here in a range of eight different popular crypto currencies like Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin as well.

By the way, in saying that, we actually learn two things about Drake in knowing that he has chosen to play at Stake. One is that he likes online gambling and two that he has an interest in digital coins.

Drake’s favorite casino games

When this article was written, the rapper had only recently discovered Stake and had yet to give any specific information about which games in the crypto casino he particularly likes. But from the little we could glean from his posts so far, it seems as if Drake will continue to remain true to his special passion in the virtual world, which as fans now know, applies to a real classic, roulette.

Or to narrow it down a bit further, all signs point to the fact that the rapper seems to like live roulette in particular. And we can understand why. The Evolution Gaming version that is available at Stake is super engaging and lifelike, giving you the real feel of casino gambling on any screen, whether you prefer to play on your desktop or mobile phone. Plus, Drake happened to win $354,000 playing it, which is enough to make anyone’s heart grow fond.

Drake and sports betting

Drake Superbowl 2022 Wetten

©instagram.com/champagnepapi | Drake also bet on the Super Bowl 2022 at Stake – and won!

Another thing that most people who follow Drake know about him is that this guy is hugely into sports, and is a very serious and dedicated basketball fan. He is a regular at the games of his hometown team the Toronto Raptors, and also happens to serve as the Raptors’ ‘global ambassador’, with a place on the team’s executive committee. And if all that is not a deep enough expression of his deep love, he also released two special songs in light of his favorite team’s NBA Championship win. So ya, he’s a dedicated fan.

But, interestingly, it is not basketball bets of his that went viral. Rather, following the 2022 Super Bowl game, Drake posted his Stake sportsbook bet winnings, so we could all revel in this football victory together.

When and where is Drake streaming?

Although according to various sources the musician spends a lot of time in the casino, this passion has nothing to do with streaming. His existing Twitch channel is currently idle, and there is no older content there that would allow conclusions to be drawn about more regular streaming. Drake is a musician through and through – and while a clearly communicated passion of his, gambling for him is more a pastime than a career.

There were once signs that he was following legendary Stake streamer Adin Ross, but that guy turned out to be a troll, and not Drake at all. Similarly, there were Adin Ross streams in which fans said they heard Drake in the background. But again, that is just gossip and absolutely no definitive proof has been found. And, a few years back, Drake did have one very famous streaming session of Fortnite in which he dueled it out with the famous video game streamer who goes by the handle Ninja.

But all those little tidbits are about all that we could find on Drake and the Twitch streaming front. And certainly no schedule to follow. Overall, the assumption is that the rapper has a deal with Stake and at the moment this deal is limited to Instagram posts. However, nobody can currently say for sure whether Drake will eventually switch to streaming, even if just intermittently, as part of his partnership or as his own source of fun.

Why Drake and why Stake?

As we just alluded to, the assumption is that Drake is posting about Stake as part of some sort of sponsorship deal. But Stake for its part doesn’t partner with just anyone. Drake was likely selected because he is seen as a cool guy with a good reputation, who is not afraid to share his love of gambling, based on multiple stories in the past.

As for what Drake gets out of the partnership is anyone’s guess. He could possibly be getting paid a straight up fee, or have losses covered by the casino, or get special comps. Or, even possibly, all of these things. But remember, Drake also has a highly curated image and a reputation for excellence. So none of these things would matter if he himself didn’t think Stake is a quality product worth putting his name and face on.

Drake’s private persona – The cool musician with a hot love life

Drake und HER

©instagram.com/champagnepapi | Drake has been linked romantically to MANY women, including many celebs like the musician H.E.R.

Back to personal matters for a minute. We couldn’t possibly write about Drake without a little bit of dishing on his hot and heavy love life. In the past, he has famously dated other big celebs like Serena Williams, Nicki Minaj, and H.E.R. for a bit, but the relationship he is most known for is the one with Rihanna, who he dated on and off over the course of many years. Soon after their last breakup, Drake began dating former model Sophie Brussau, and the two had a son. The couple is no longer together, but Drake remains an active dad.

In late 2021 there were some rumors that then ex-girlfriend Rihanna was also pregnant by him, but when Rihanna officially went public with the pregnancy with boyfriend A$AP Rock, Drake actually made a surprising show of jealousy and simply deleted Rihanna from his social media, while making a few snide remarks. This reaction also garnered some media attention, but what can we say? Drake had confessed some pretty grand love for the girl, and even though he had a baby of his own with another woman, jealousy is a funny thing.

Nowadays, who he is dating is mostly a matter of speculation, as despite the fierce attention of fans and the press alike, he is a relatively private person. But one thing is for sure, this guy has had a soap opera worthy run in his love life.

Drake on social media

Drake is a celebrity, who like all people of his caliber, knows he needs to cultivate his image as a public figure. And this, in our day and age, means maintaining a strong presence on relevant social media channels.

Likely, he is not doing this alone in all fairness, but with a team which guides him in his sharing of the right glimpses into his life, musical achievements, and general interests. So if you are a fan of Drake, or we’ve managed to simply pique your interest in the dude, these are the places you can find him posting, and the topics he’s most likely to address on each channel.

Drake on Twitch
Drake and Ninja Fortnite Stream

©youtube.com/c/Ninja | A short excerpt from Ninja’s famous Fortnite stream, which also featured Drake as TheBoyDuddus.

Although Drake is actually very upfront about his love for video games, and he has recently shown an affinity for Stake gambling as well – i.e. both popular activities for Twitch streamers – he himself is not really active there. And like we said, he certainly doesn’t keep an active schedule for his gaming fans to follow.

That being said, a few years back he was part of a record-breaking stream, when playing under the handle TheBoyDuddus he dueled it out at Fortnite with fellow streamer Ninja to the delight of over 600,000 fans. Since then, however, there have been no real signs of him at Twitch and it isn’t 100% clear that he holds that account. But we can always hope to see more.

smiley iconInteresting to note: In the Twitch community and also on Reddit, there has been wild speculation about the musician’s nickname for some time. It has even been suggested that TheBoyDuddus may be a reference to Christopher Dudus, one of Jamaica’s biggest drug lords.
Drake on YouTube
Drakes Youtube Account

©youtube.com/user/DrakeOfficial | With over a billion views per clip, Drake’s YouTube numbers are far higher than even the biggest casino streamers are likely to reach.

The successful R’n’B musician has a much stronger presence on his YouTube channel, where in particular, he regularly adds new videos that highlight his musical talents and successes. To-date, he has 26 million subscribers from around the world who have watched his video clips more than 11.7 billion times.

With a varied musical style and many incredible collaborations – including with French Montana, Chris Brown, Jay-Z, and his ex-girlfriend Rihanna to name a few – there is no wonder as to why he has such widespread appeal.

That being said, while this is a great place to catch his many professional clips, and expose yourself to new sounds, the Drake YouTube channel isn’t a forum for personal tidbits (like some other stars do), or passion projects like his love for roulette.

Drake on Twitter
Drake Drizzy Account

©twitter.com/Drake | Drake is particularly popular on Twitter, with a follower count that could certainly spawn envy.

It’s not just Drake’s music that is multi-faceted – his social media names are too. So while he’s simply Drake on YouTube, the artist calls himself Drizzy on Twitter, which translates to something along the lines of foggy (or impaired) from pot or booze in urban slang.But don’t be fooled. In reality, Drake is anything but dazed as obviously only those who are extremely clear in their goals (and focused in their actions) can achieve the incredible professional success he has enjoyed so far. But all this is a bit of an aside, though an interesting thing to note on the gent himself. So back to the matter at hand and the Drake Twitter content itself, and what you can find there….

Well, in general, the 39 million people (plus) who follow him there are privy to short clips, promotions of his various projects, and retweets of fans. Unlike some other artists, he does not seem to use Twitter to share his political views or general opinions on subjects beyond.

While a bit of a bummer for some, many people see this as a smart move to protect his image, as personal views tend to get celebrities into trouble. Oh, and in case you were wondering, he also hasn’t used Twitter to share his Stake interest yet, though this of course could come about too.

Drake on Instagram
Drake playing at Stake Casino

©champagnepapi | The story of Drake joining the world’s hottest crypto casino.

If you are looking for the number one place to follow Drake, then Instagram would definitely be it. You certainly would be in good company as 103 million people are already following him there – and with good reason!His legendary Insta channel operating under the Champagnepapi name is the ultimate window into his life. Only here, in addition to great clips of his music, does he share the occasional glimpse at his most intimate moments including shots of his young son Adonis.

Similarly, this is the only channel where you’ll currently find the latest on his love for Stake, starting with his first Instagram story on the matter in January 2022, and continuing steadily from there through this day. For example, after the Super Bowl, he proudly posted his big Stake sports bet win, with a huge cash out following the outcome of the game.

Drake on TikTok

Especially amongst the younger generation, TikTok is arguably the strongest social media platform these days. But although 1.2 billion views have been generated for the Champagnepapidrake hashtag, with popular content from a number of creators, the @champagnepapidrake account itself is not particularly active, with just 7674 followers at last count. That being said, his Toosie Slide TikTok release garnered loads of attention.

What’s to be ascertained from this? Well, clearly Drake’s fans are busier promoting him on TikTok than he is. Why he’s chosen to do this is unclear, but it seems to be working for him as the aforementioned numbers show. So an interesting strategy, if not a bit of a bummer for his fans who are looking for more original content (and personal clips) from one of today’s biggest stars.

Drake on Facebook

Last, but certainly not least is the old school of social media, Facebook. While once a rather active avenue, posting to more than 53 million followers / friends, Drake like many people, seems to be slowly moving away from Facebook and as mentioned above, more towards Instagram. So if you really want to keep up to date on his activities, again Instagram is the place to be.

That being said, Facebook we would say is a nice place to look back on a retrospect of the rapper, with some great photos and plenty of videos, though not really any personal posts and no mention of Stake either. Again, as we see here, for all his fame, he seems to be a surprisingly private guy, which is probably part of his appeal.

Drake on Facebook

©facebook.com/Drake | With more than 50 million fans on facebook Drake proves that despite the rumors, the platform is not quite dead yet.

A few final words on Drake and Stake

The reality is, partnering with Drake is an astonishingly impressive feat for Stake and well worth any advertising dollars it may have paid. With well over 100 million fans following Drake on Instagram, Stake gets amazing bang for its buck, and almost unprecedented reach. Which all we can say, is well played on Stake’s part. Not every online casino can attract such a big star to brag about their connection. And so in turn that says something about Stake too.

True, the casino may have deep pockets, but really, like we said, since Drake is very savvy in terms of both his image and his investments, his association with the Stake brand lends this crypto casino tremendous credibility. Drake for his part, gets to share his love of gambling in a whole new way with his fans. And we get to see a different side of Drake that we can identify with, creating even stronger affinity

Drake the Rap Star and Stake Casino Player
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