Mellstroy – Controversial Streamer with a Passion for Casino Games

Gambling is an international language. So you can go anywhere in the world and enjoy it equally, in our opinion. And so be it with gambling streams. That is, while we get the immense appeal of watching a streamer in a language you comprehend – in our case English – you can actually quite easily follow, and get a kick out of a session, even if you don’t.

Mellstroy Kick VorschaubildEnter Andrey Burim, a.k.a. Mellstroy. While you may, or may not understand Russian (the language in which he streams), even if you don’t, he can admittedly be quite entertaining. That being said, despite his clear passion for gambling, and dedication to the pursuit, he is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. With his rather abrasive demeanour, and known chauvinism to say the least (we’ll get into that a bit more below), he can be a little much.

But as the Kick platform’s leading non-English speaking streamer, he is at least worth a consideration. Whether or not his style, along the lines of what’s called trash streaming is for you, is a matter of personal taste. And a perfectly legit choice, we’ll add if you do go for it, since after all, trash streaming continues to exist for a reason. In any event, you can take this Mellstroy review not necessarily as a recommendation per se, as much as an assessment of his gambling prowess, and streaming expertise.


Mellstroy in a nutshell – A few basic stats

Mellstroy Casino Streamer Titelbild


Streamer name Mellstroy
Real name Andrey Burim
Country of origin Belarus
Current location Moscow, Russia
Year of birth 1998
Number of followers Banned (Twitch)
73,000 (
<500 (Twitter)
<500 (YouTube)
739,000 (Instagram)
1,100,00 (TikTok)
403,000 (Telegram)
Favourite online casino Stake casino
Standout characteristics Shocking and abrasive, considered brutal towards women, known for making obscene statements, and very much likes to flaunt his wealth.
Biggest win Unknown
Biggest multiplier Unknown
Estimated net worth ~ $7.2 million

last update: September 2023

First things first – Who is Mellstroy anyhow?

There are some streamers who wear their true identity on their sleeves, like David Dobrik and Adin Ross, who go so far as to always be featured under their own, real names. And then there are even more social media stars who prefer some sort of pseudonym, for any number of reasons. Amongst the latter, there are those about whom there is still plenty of personal details known. And then there are the more allusive of the lot, like Mellstroy, about whom very little is actually known.

This, of course, may seem counter intuitive. For how can someone living so publicly, clearly motivated almost exclusively by attracting attention, in fact be so private? But that is how it is. And we might even say, part of the allure. Because when someone is that “secretive” shall we say, yet famous, it makes fans pay even more attention, as they grasp at figuring out the person behind the persona.

Stake Banner

Whether this is a deliberate strategy of Mellstroy’s is, anyone’s guess. But overall, not all that much is known about his background, or his current “real” life. A few basic things, however are. For example, his real name is Andrey Burim. He was living in Moscow, Russia, from where he streams.

In between, it is rumoured that he actually lived in the US for a span, where he graduated high school with exceptionally good grades. While his foul mouth and posturing may fool some, to us this academic record doesn’t come as a surprise, because you actually need to be quite clever to stream well. And more so, a certain level of intellect to master the social media game.

In terms of his private life, Burim doesn’t shy away from flaunting his apparent wealth, often presenting himself in his posh house, with his expensive cars, and a general party lifestyle with lots of, let’s be frank, smoking, drinking, and rather attractive girls hanging around. As for his moniker, Mellstroy, we don’t know how Andrey chose it, or even what it really means.

And how did he begin his rise to casino streaming fame? Well, as the story goes, as a teenager, he first got into streaming playing the standard, popular video games. After that, seeing how other locals were succeeding, he then went the way of the increasingly popular Russian format known as trash streaming. Once he picked up a bigger audience this way, he moved on to hosting gatherings in his luxury rented apartment in which guests would engage in drunken brawls, and complete obscene often dangerous challenges, for a viewer sponsored fee. And now he oscillates between a strong emphasis on this crude format, with a more serious side that includes casino streams.

We’ll just mention, if you’re not into vulgarity, his actual casino streams, while they do have some of this flavour, show gambling talent as well. However, it is quite likely that the majority of his fans are watching him for the aforementioned crass side of the streaming scene, relishing each time off-colour comments or activities arise.

Which online casinos does Andrey Burim play at?

Although Andrey is young, he clearly has quite a bit of experience gambling online. And certainly already knew what he was doing, when he first took his betting live on Twitch back in the day. By all indications, he initially gained experience in online gambling playing at lesser-known operators (to us at least), focussing primarily on sites serving the Russian market. As he gained experience, and maybe more operators localised their offering, he moved on to better-known sites, appealing to a more international audience.

Mellstroy playing at Stake

© | Andrei plays at Stake Casino.

And while he’s been seen gambling online at N1 Casino in the past, as of 2021, his main focus has clearly been on, which is widely considered the best crypto casino – and home to most, if not all, the best casino streamers around. This preference for Stake casino is multi-fold. First of all, Stake really does have an exceptional range of casino games, including the crypto originals and slots selection that high rollers love. Which connects to the second reason streamers choose Stake, and that is the high roller facilitation, in that Stake uniquely has virtually unlimited bets (and banking for that matter).

And finally, of course, there’s no getting past the fact that Stake is excellent at forming lucrative partnerships with the best slots streamers in the business. Hence, while we don’t know exactly how much Burim is making from this association, with no concrete figures having been published to this regard, it is fair to assume that it is a well-paid gig, as by all appearances, he is doing exceptionally well financially.

Mellstroy’s favourite online casino games

One thing about a brass personality like Mellstroy is that he doesn’t feel confined. This carries over into online gambling in that, when trying to figure out his favourite games, it seems mostly he is motivated by mood; playing whatever he feels like playing at any given time. And not feeling boxed in by expectations.

In general, if you glance through is repertoire of saved streams, however, it is clear like all streamers – and online gamblers in general really – that he has a strong preference for the slot machines, with the feature-laden variety being his top pick. In addition, he has a love for VIP Baccarat, which makes him unusual amongst professional casino streamers, who we’ve never before noted playing this rather awesome card game. And like many players, of course, he also loves the Stake crypto Plinko game. As for other standouts, or more specifically titles, we’d say based on his live streams that games like The Dog House, The Dog Mansion Megaways, Gates of Olympus, Wanted – Dead or a Wild, Fire Hopper, and Cleocatra, are some of the more action-packed types of slots that he prefers.

Mellstroy playing at Stake Casino

Just note, although his business is about entertaining, Burim isn’t necessarily as colourful as other streamers. That is, once he’s started playing any given slot machine, he’ll sometimes spend hours betting on it before moving on to another slots option or baccarat table. Some might say he’s not taking advantage of Stake casino’s inherent variety in that. While others, are perfectly fine enjoying the distinct thrill of his staying power, which can be quite profitable upon lucky occasions.

Mellstroy’s betting style

Despite having watched him in action for quite some time, by all appearances, Burim does not seem to have a particular betting strategy he leans on, when playing slots, baccarat, or anything in between. We could, of course be wrong, and he has a deep inner compass guiding him with every move. But to us, nothing is particular apparent as to his betting reasoning, beyond the fact that he likes to bet big.

This makes sense needless to say, because that’s mostly what celeb streamers do. And also because an in-your-face (some might say brutal) style is what this dude is all about. So if you like high stakes betting – easily coming in at over $1,000 a round – then this may be someone you would want to watch. However, while watching him bet big is entertaining, take it with a grain of salt, remembering that his gambling at Stake casino, is not necessarily being bankrolled directly by him. Which means he can afford to lose much more than most of us, allowing him to take higher levels of risks.

Info IconAnd just to keep expectations in check, Mellstroy isn’t really known for cash drops. Like the giveaways some streamers use to encourage people to watch, and keep them engaged. In fact, quite the opposite. In Andrey’s case, the money usually flows in the other direction, that is from viewers to him, as is the trend is amongst the trash streamers out there.

When and where does Andrey Burim stream?

Like most casino streamers, Burim first got into “the business” drawing his initial audience on the Twitch platform. Over time, he accrued around 19,000 followers there. Which obviously doesn’t sound like all that much compared to some of the massive Twitch streaming stars like Roshtein and Trainwreckstv who each have well over 1 million followers. But keep in mind, Andrey is a more niche streamer, in the “trash” genre. And he, unlike the others, is not streaming in English, which makes his international reach more limited.

Mellstroy recent broadcasts

© | Andrei Burim is streaming pretty regularly. You’ll find him on Kick, sometimes even two or three times a day.

In any event, he is no longer active on Twitch. This is in part because casino streams, and Stake streams in particular, are no longer allowed there. But just as much, because he was actually banned from Twitch for his lude behaviour.

That, of course, didn’t stop him. And instead, like many of the leading slots streaming talent, he now has an active account on, from which he broadcasts his gaming sessions almost every day. There he is actually very successful, having already built a following of over 41,000 followers within the Kick platform’s first few months online.

While there is no streaming schedule feature currently on Kick, we can tip you off that in general, he begins his live sessions almost daily in the mid to later morning hours, Moscow time.

What makes Mellstroy special?

Since this is an English review portal, we understand that watching Mellstroy may be a bit of a stretch for some, as his streams are conducted entirely in Russian. This includes his commentary, chit-chat with friends, and even the interface of the games, which he has set on Stake casino to appear in Russian. But gambling is an international language. And you don’t necessarily need to understand every word to get the gist. So if you’re looking for something a little different, then it can still be interesting to watch his style and dynamics.

As for what makes him special, in general, he is like most social media stars in that he is gregarious and often surrounded by friends, who bring a liveliness to each session. These include the guys that often gather around on the couches, as well as female friends who are more often seated in the background, watching or chatting amongst themselves by the table.

Achtung IconIn addition to being a little loud and abrasive, there is also smoking and drinking not infrequently involved. As a result, it’s a very “guy” kind of feel, in the old-fashioned, sexist meaning of the word. Again, this has its appeal to certain audiences, we are sure.

And despite the assumptions his persona may inspire, he is not a fool, and generally gambles with notable sense. By that we mean, that although he is a high roller compared to most players, despite his aggressive overall nature, he is not really over the top when it comes to his betting. In fact, he’s almost restrained on that front, never seeming to truly overdo it there. Bruim is a party person, and always seems to have friends around during his online gambling sessions.

Andrei Burim controversies

Although Mellstroy does have gambling talent, to many, he is undeniably more synonymous with the disturbing (and growing) trend out of Russia’s underground internet, called trash streaming. As the name would imply, this is a genre filled with some unpleasantries, including drunkenness, extreme partying, and violence. Basically, what happens within this atmosphere is that the trash streamers get paid to commit certain activities by viewers. Some of these “donations” lead to actions that are simply lude, others deeply offensive, and even those that are extremely dangerous, which on one occasion ended with an accidental live murder.

Mellstroy Efremova Incident

© | During a live stream Andrey injured Alena Efremova. He repeatedly bashed her face into a table.

In Andrey’s case, this genre landed him in court after a live broadcast on October 19, 2020, during which the then 22-year-old Belarusian bashed the face of Alyona Yefremova, a young Instagram model, into a table with full force. For damages and the humiliation factor, she ended up taking Burim to court, suing him for 10 million rubles (equivalent to around 100,000 euros). In the end, the court awarded her just 72,000 rubles (i.e. only 700 euros), a small fraction of what she had requested. But the incident left a bad taste in many viewers’ mouths. And it got Andrey banned from YouTube and Twitch.

And while this incident of extreme violence is obviously noteworthy, it also must be said that Burim long before, and through to this day, is oft criticised for his general attitude towards women. This is most notable in the not infrequent sexist and derogatory statements littering his speech across all his social media accounts. Andrey may have paid little money in damages following his assault court case, but he has paid a hefty personal price in subsequently being banned from YouTube and Twitch for his violent action against this woman, shockingly streamed live.

How does Mellstroy make money?

A big question many of our readers have when it comes to streamers is what is their net worth? Or perhaps as much, how do they make all that money anyhow, when they realise the sum. And the reality, of course, is that it is very hard to determine absolutely anyone’s net worth, as we are not the tax authorities. Plus, lord only know how much of their lavish lifestyle is bluff versus legit wealth.

In general, however, estimates are that as of 2023, Mellstroy has a net worth of around $7.2 million. This is in part from the money paid by viewers to do dangerous, humiliating, or offensive stunts during live trash streams. In addition, there are sponsorship deals and endorsements in place, his partnership with Stake casino (which financially benefits him in one way or another we’d guess), as well as subscription fees coming in from – that all serve as sources of funds.


Mellstroy on social media

Andrey, like all social media influencers, uses most of the popular platforms to share his antics and build his brand. Although he is currently concentrating primarily on with the live streams, he maintains a strong presence on Instagram and TikTok which bring him additional income, and help increase his subscriber reach.

While much of the content is similar if not the same across these channels, with Burim deliberately provoking in order to attract attention, many of his followers don’t seem to mind. In fact, that’s just what they’re after in many cases. Having said that, after several of his social media accounts were blocked for taking things too far, he is currently at the point of having to completely rebuild his community on platforms such as YouTube, which is only working to moderate success. But let’s have a bit of a deeper look, to better understand, overall, where his influencer reach currently stands.

Mellstroy on

The number one place to find Mellstroy these days is, where his following is increasing every day. In fact, as soon as he opened his account there – as in within just three days – he already had almost 1,000 followers subscribing and tuning in, which is a rather impressive accomplishment.

And while he now “only” has around 41,000 followers on Kick, his number of views is far more, with many non-subscribers also regularly tuning into his live streams. Furthermore, it is impressive because he is not considered one of the big names in casino streaming like Adin Ross, Trainwreckstv, or even Corinna Kopf. But having made the jump to Kick from its opening days, he, you might say, is the proverbial early bird who caught the worm. Plus, since the Kick platform is known to be more laxed in its censorship demands, those who love his no holds barred style were keen to get more of what they consider the best of him, which is why they’re signing up there.

As for what to expect, mostly you’ll find slots and classic game betting, with some crypto originals play in between. And in terms of timing, we’d say he’s regularly active, but note, usually in the morning hours (Russia time).

Mellstroy Kick Streams

© | Looking at Mellstroy’s recent videos on, it quickly becomes clear what his main focus is, with almost everything revolving around online casino games and the crypto casino Stake.

Mellstroy on Twitch

It would likely be fair to say that Mellstroy has a love hate relationship with Twitch. Love because this is where he got his gaming start. And hate, because it is one of two platforms that ultimately banned him. But then maybe even love again, because sometimes being banned is good for business; i.e. it puts you in the news.

However, no matter how he feels about the place, the reality is, he has been banned from Twitch. And as such, you will find no content of his there, new or old. In other words, as things currently look, Andrey Burim and Twitch are history. But then in the dynamic world of online gaming and social platforms, who knows for sure?

Mellstroy on YouTube
Mellstroy Youtube

© | It is not certain whether Mellstroy2717 is the legit channel of the streamer.

Mellstroy2717 appears to be the streamer’s most recent account on YouTube. However, there are additional YouTube channels that show his profile picture and that are related to online gaming (casino games, providers, and bonuses alike). So to what extent any of them can actually be attributed to the real Andrey Burim, is hard to tell. What is clearly evident, is that he has in no way regained his former following on YouTube, which had just shy of 700,000 subscribers on the MELLSTROY СТРИМЫ channel before he was banned in March 2021. In fact, at last look coming in at only 93 subscribers and 11 videos, the comparison is all but absurd. But so it is for now. Whether or not he can rebuild his YouTube standing is anyone’s guess. Ours is that he is a smart operator, and will find a way to persevere if this is a platform he determines worth his while to continue investing in.

Mellstroy Instagram account

Again, when it comes to Instagram, it can be a bit difficult to discern which is his real or main account. A hint is if you follow the link from his account, which leads to one simply named mellstroy. There he has 737,000 followers and about 100 posts, showing almost entirely leisure shots. That is, pictures of himself on vacation, with fancy cars, playing tennis, drinking cocktails, and even simply with stacks of cash!

In addition, there are a lot of smaller Instagram accounts which use the Mellstroy name, and his image too. One of these is called MellstroyBonus (which is actually empty), and another mellstroy.trash (which has exactly the type of content you’d imagine from the name there).

So while his gambling efforts aren’t the highlight of his Insta posts, it can be fun following him there, if you’re into pics of young guys living a lavish lifestyle.

Mellstroy Instagram

© | Instagram is used by many streamers and influencers to show off. But few do it more obviously and aggressively than Andrey Burim.

Mellstroy Twitter following

Since he doesn’t seem to be investing much effort in Twitter, we’ll only make mention of his presence there. Actually, it could hardly be called that, as what seems to be the best bet for calling his real account, only has a few hundred followers, with no updates in years.

Mellstroy clips on TikTok

Where Mellstroy is biggest, in a pure follower sense, is undoubtedly TikTok. Not only does he have a lot of followers on TikTok, but each clip he posts garners at least a few hundred thousand views, with many reaching into the millions, demonstrating his clear dominance as an influencer in this genre.

He calls his channel Glavstroy and the content actually doesn’t have much to do with his passion for casino streams. What he does instead show his more than 1,100,000 subscribers is brief insights into his life, often with alcoholic beverages in hand or standing in front of expensive vehicles.

But it’s not all about bragging, with a nice smattering of day-to-day life scenes as well. For example, in one post he takes the community to the hairdresser and has his hair cut in front of the camera. Such actions make Burim seem approachable to his fans, and although he certainly does not correspond to what most would call the “norm”, he apparently is able to collect a lot of relatability points from his followers with this type of private life content.

Nonetheless, despite this “every man” angle, TikTok is also a platform Burim uses prolifically for his campaigns that glorify violence. So much so, that every now and then a warning appears in the preview indicating that you could seriously injure yourself should you try the featured antic at home. As such, while many people (we’re guessing more likely biased towards young males) may find him entertaining, it is not advisable to emulate this Russian’s choice in many of the activities he promotes. And children definitely shouldn’t be watching him on TikTok. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Mellstroy Glavstroy TikTok

© | For those who enjoy Mellstroy’s bawdier side, his TikTok clips will speak to you.

Mellstroy on Telegram
Mellstroy Telegram


If you haven’t had enough of him yet, then as you’d imagine, based on his persona, Mellstroy has a strong following on Telegram too. The content there, albeit, is rather lude, with near crotch shots of his pants pulled down low, virtually naked ladies’ bottoms, simulated sex acts, and a whole lot of extremely unsubtle bragging with stacks of cash, fancy watches, and so forth.

In our opinion, this is his most offensive channel by far (by general judgement standards, of course). But again, this kind of content exists for a reason; mainly that it appeals to many people. In fact, exactly 379,000 at last count. So we’re just putting it out there as another option – even if it doesn’t really have casino streaming scenes on it.

Our opinion on following Mellstroy casino streams

At the end of the day, Mellstroy can be described as a streamer with limited appeal. That is some absolutely love him and the scandals he attracts, while others find him offensive and crass. That being said, like a train wreck, some watch him just for that, to see how far he will take things, like potentially repeating his infamous model assault incident.

As such, it is a bit hard to recommend him as an influencer per se. However, he is undoubtedly entertaining. And when he is doing his casino streaming bit – which is mostly a featured gig – he is worth watching, as he is pretty professional in what he does. Either way, as we’re generally apt to say, it is always worth a try to decide for yourself if his brash style is a match for you.

Mellstroy - Controversial Streamer with a Passion for Casino Games
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