As an expert casino review portal, part of our purpose is to help our readers keep up to date with all the latest trends in online gambling. And one of them, as you have likely noticed is crypto gambling. With the increasing popularity of crypto many people are looking for what they can do with their Bitcoin, besides watch their investment grow. And that’s where crypto gambling comes in.

Rollbit LogoWhile there are already a handful of hot crypto casinos on the market, since this is still essentially an emerging space, the number of truly awesome ones is somewhat limited. And that is why we are always excited to bring you new options – of course, only once they have been fully vetted and approved by our casino pros.

Rollbit casino, we are glad to say, is one such crypto casino that has passed the test with flying colors. Relatively new to the online gaming space, having debuted in February 2020, it has quickly grown in status thanks to an excellent full package offering.

This includes a vast selection of crypto slots, table games, and live casino games, as well as some truly amazing original titles, that are a definite must-try. In addition, although the number of different digital coins it accepts for banking is just four (being Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Solana), it is pretty much unmatched in terms of flexibility, with absolutely no limits on how much you can deposit or withdraw.

Plus, there is some pretty exceptional bonus fun, which gives you a whole lot of extras to look forward to. True no welcome bonus per se, but as we’re about to share, we think what it does offer in terms of promos and giveaways more than makes up for that.

Pros of Rollbit Casino

  • Accepts transactions in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Solana
  • No limits on transactions – deposit and withdraw as much as you want, as often as you want
  • Huge selection of crypto games, including casino classics like slots and roulette
  • Completely original games, for an unprecedented gaming experience
  • 15% cashback program, daily leaderboard competitions, and other exceptional rewards

Cons of Rollbit Casino

  • No welcome offer
  • No progressive jackpot tab (though plenty of jackpot games to be found)

Basic Rollbit Facts and Background

Now as we move into the nitty gritty of our Rollbit review, we recommend having a look at this short chart to start. Or, as we like to see it, a snapshot of what to expect when you log in and play. And for many, enough information to already begin, though that’s up to you.

Info IconHint: If you do keep reading, we’ll just say, you might discover some important tips and tricks that will make your Rollbit experience all the more worthwhile.
Casino name Rollbit
Welcome Bonus None available
Other promotions 15% cashback program, rank up bonuses (when you go up VIP levels), $7265 in daily leaderboard prizes, referral bonuses, RLB lottery, and a whole lot more!
Game focus Crypto slots and original games
Other games Roulette and blackjack
Live casino Yes (from Evolution, Pragmatic Play, BGaming & others)
Gaming software ~50 developers including Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Play’n GO, Betsoft, Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger, and more.
Minimum deposit $0.01*
Maximum withdrawal Completely unlimited!
Mobile Yes
Licensing Law of Curacao
Visit Rollbit PLAY NOW!

* Although the minimum deposit is officially listed as $0.01, since this is a blockchain transaction, you will likely need to deposit more in order to cover the network fee. And in any event, a single penny won’t do you much good.

Our Experience with Rollbit

Although you can easily join Rollbit for free and get started on your own with zero investment, we recognize that many like to hear (or in this case read) about others’ experiences first. So we will share ours. Overall, we really like the entire Rollbit offering, from A to Z.

True, when you first visit, it may seem a bit overwhelming, as there are a number of elements not typical of online casinos such as sections dedicated to NFTs, crypto trading, the RLB lottery, bonus battles, and streams. While there is actually a whole lot of appeal to each of these elements, that being said, if you are just looking for straightforward gambling, then we advise, simply pay them no heed. Though from our experience, they are certainly fun, even profitable at times, to explore.

But again if it is simple old online gambling with the added advantage of crypto betting you are after, then rest assured, this is without a doubt a casino first, with all the essentials you would expect as such. That means plenty of casino games, lots of promotions, and highly professional online support. And if you are a crypto gambler who has been on the lookout for an alternative to the popular names today, like Stake casino or Roobet, then we’re pleased to say, this makes an excellent choice, bringing you additional dimensions and equally good (some might even say extra levels of) fun. So let’s begin.

Rollbit Casino Preview

What Games Are Available at Rollbit?

Like we said, while there are plenty of other attractions here, the heart and soul of the Rollbit experience is 100% its casino offering. And the unique thing here is that all of these games can be played with crypto currency. Or more accurately, the Rollbit coins which you get in exchange for your crypto deposit (don’t worry, it’s totally seamless and we’ll explain a bit more in the Payment Methods section to come). Overall, there are thousands of games available representing all the categories players enjoy.

As expected, the strongest showing is in the slots department, with over 3500 titles listed at last review. But equally importantly, there is a huge range of blackjack and roulette games, beyond the requisite handful. And even more impressive than that is the fact that there are amazing original games here, giving you the chance to finally try something totally different from what you would find anywhere else.

These original games of course are created by Rollbit, but the rest are brought to you by an exceptional mix of providers including leading casino software creators Microgaming, NetEnt, Nolimit City, Playtech, Play’n GO, Betsoft, Pragmatic Play, iSoftBet, Red Tiger, and more. There are also amongst the 50 or so providers lesser known, but equally good, companies powering the games like Zillion, Print Studios, Platipus, PearFiction, KA Gaming, and so forth.

In other words, whether you are looking to focus on a favorite game type, or are open to exploring new genres, you have plenty of what to enjoy here. And needless to say, Rollbit does offer free play. So if free crypto slots sounded like a fantasy, rest-assured, it is not. Rather it can easily be found by simply choosing the demo mode of play.

Rollbit online slots

Since slots are by far the most popular category of online casino games, we are sure you are wondering what these are like here. How is the variety? What is the bet range like? Are there high and low volatility games? And what about different types of themes?

Basically, Rollbit has an extensive line of slots on offer, on par with the best casinos out there. Again, the biggest advantage here is that, although these are mostly games you could find in varying constellations at other online casinos, here you get them all in one great place, with the added benefit of being able to bet in Bitcoin.

Rollbit online Slots

© | Rollbit has over 3,500 games and online slots.

There are way too many games to cover them all, but we can say with all certainty that high stakes players and those on a lower budget who prefer the penny slots style will easily be able to find what they are after. And here is a nice little tip, if you scroll over the little i symbol in the bottom right corner of each game, you can actually see the exact house edge, if that is in any way a determining factor for you when choosing a game.

As for sorting options, to help you make your choice, you can of course go with the most obvious, being ‘Popular’ slots to gain quick access to tried and true favorites like Fruit Party, Starburst, Hotel Yeti-Way, Thunderstruck II, Emoticoins, Mystery Museum, or Tombstone R.I.P. Other sorting options include ‘New Releases’, ‘Alphabetical’, ‘Alphabetical Z-A’, and ‘Prize Pool’ for help finding bigger win games.

All this, by the way, is only the tip of the iceberg. A huge number of games here (mostly slots, but not only) also have the unique challenge feature attached to them, which can earn you additional prize money in each round of play. In other words, while the slots are for the most part similar to what you might find elsewhere, the concept is done exceptionally well, and there is plenty of what to explore to keep novice and veteran players exceptionally engaged.

The Rollbit trading platform

Rollbit Crypto TradingAnother cool thing about this place, that we mentioned above, is its multifunctional experience. That is, in addition to awesome crypto gambling, it also has special features like a trading platform built in. It is not, albeit, a crypto exchange. So keep that in mind to avoid any confusion. Rather, essentially what it entails is betting on the direction of the market of a given crypto coin – that is whether it will move up, or down.

Again, we suggest reading through the short instructions first before you begin, so you understand the full ins and outs of what this feature is about. And you can also always have a peak at the onsite ‘Crypto Portfolio’ link, for a deeper dive into how each digital currency is doing, for even more guidance, and perhaps help in spotting market trends, which may (or may not) help in making your guess.

Rollbit jackpot games

While you can, as we said, sort your slots by ‘Prize Pool’, the one true lacking we unfortunately found on this site was the jackpot slots. Yep, you read that right. With all the incredible attention to detail across the board, and all sorts of unexpected extras, we were frankly at least as surprised as you to discover that there is no dedicated jackpot game category here.

So if you were hoping for a one-stop-shop where you could also gamble on the big boys like Mega Fortune slots, unfortunately, few of the leading progressive jackpot games are currently found here. With a few exceptions that is. And not under their own section.

Rather only by knowing the names of the major jackpot games, were we able to do a site bar search and actually pinpoint a few such as the Sisters of Oz Jackpot game and Mega Moolah Immortal Romance slots, as well as a few titles from the popular Age of the Gods series from Playtech.

So the long and the short of it is, that while Rollbit may not have quite as many million-dollar plus prize purse games as we might like, there are a number of such titles to be found. Though if we were to request one change at the casino in terms of the interface, it would be to make it easier for us to do so, as many progressive game players like to zero in on these titles without the current search effort involved.

Rollbit table games

Want to try your hand at a crypto card game instead? Actually it is not an and / or choice you need to make here, as you can easily flip between the formats. But if betting on blackjack is something you want to do – either entirely or in between rounds of slots – then you’ll be pleased to know there that are plenty of options available at your fingertips.

Rollbit Roulette

© | Play different and exclusive roulette games at

True, if you click the ‘Blackjack’ tab, many of the options that will fill your screen are for live versions of the game. But if you simply scroll through, you will easily be able to identify classic online casino options like standard Blackjack from Mascot, Multihand Blackjack from BGaming, and American Blackjack by Haberno.

The exact same rings true for roulette games, which can be easily isolated from the mix by clicking on the ‘Roulette’ tab. From the 16 options displayed at last check, you should easily be able to zero in on a top pick or two, though of course you don’t have to limit yourself as such. In fact, we think all the roulette styles can be worth a few rounds.

As for the other categories that technically classify as table or card games, they can be found here too. Most easily through the onsite search. Just type in baccarat or craps, for example, and you’ll see what we mean.

Casual games, video poker, and more

Quick Tip IconIn terms of other types of games you would expect to find – like video poker or sic bo – again, we recommend using the site search as the most effective route.

One of the biggest surprises we found on this front, by the way, is the large number of scratch card games Rollbit actually carries. Surprising in that, since there is such a strong offering here, and players we know absolutely love these instant win games, we would think they would have an easier path of access. Well, maybe there is, but we haven’t quite found it yet. So if you do, let us know, and either way, consider this another useful Rollbit gambling tip.

Rollbit original games

Beyond the crypto slots the Rollbit original crypto games, we would say, are the most compelling thing here. And the main reason for that is because, since we play at so many online casinos, we love being able to find new games that we haven’t tried elsewhere. It is as simple as that. The uniqueness factor is strong, and something that in our books, wins an operator respect.

So what to expect on that front? Well, from our experience, there are four titles in particular that are taking the online gambling community by storm. And they are: X-Flip, X-Crash, X-Roulette, and Rollercoaster. Plus, there is something called NFT Lootboxes, which are billed as the “world’s first NFT gambling game”, which is also pretty neat.

Highly compelling games of chance, they are all extremely easy to play. And within a few rounds, simple to follow. So our suggestion is to watch a few rounds first, to get a feel for each game, and then proceed to bet. You can also go with minimal stakes to get started, until you feel more comfortable with the game. But in any event, we highly recommend trying, for the novelty factor if nothing else.

Rollbit Original Games

© | Here you can see some of the Rollbit Original Games.

As for the exact details of how to play, each game features a link in the bottom right corner labelled ‘How it works’. Click this to get the full instructions on how to play – including step by step details on how to bet and what qualifies as a win – on Rollercoaster, X-Roulette, X-Flip, or X-Crash respectively.

What’s also really cool about these games, by the way, is the interactive nature, with all bets and wins, per round clearly displayed, with the exception of X-Flip which is played between you and the machine alone. This running commentary, if you will, adds to the excitement, and gives it all an extra dose of competition which makes Rollbit originals all the more fun.

Rollbit sports

While you will find Rollbit sports in the website’s navigation, at last check, it was not yet live. Rather it is a work in progress. So if this is something that interests you, we recommend having a click on the sports tab every now and then to see how things are proceeding.

Also note, access to the Rollbit sports betting platform is location based, so may need a VPN to access it when the time comes. In fact, you may want to take future sports betting options into account when registering here in general, if this is something you anticipate participating in.

Rollbit Sportsbetting Banner

And finally, we’ll just leave this here, but Rollbit actually has something called Sports Rollbots advertised onsite. We admit we did not explore the concept too much, but if you like, click on the link from the navigation and have a look. Basically, what they do is give you the opportunity to earn passive income from the sportsbook, hold exclusive NFT (that many may view as a desirable collectable on its own), and get exclusive sports bonuses too. Again, something totally unique we have yet to encounter elsewhere, so kudos on the originality front.

Rollbit Live Casino

If you ever wondered if the terms live casino and crypto gaming could ever go together, then you are in luck. Not only does this operator offer live crypto gambling, but it also happens to have one of the biggest selections of live casino games online, period.

And not just any old live games, mind you. In addition to a very strong showing of Evolution Gaming titles, this casino has an exceptional selection of games from seven other providers, being Red Tiger, Wazdan, Haberno, Mascot, BGaming, iSoftBet, and Ezugi.

Rollbit Live Casino

© | At Rollbit Live Casino you can not only find live casino games from evolution, there are also many other software providers.

So long as you have a steady internet connection, these games are a fantastic way to enjoy live gambling without leaving your home. Or if you prefer, on the go, as they are all completely mobile compatible as well.

While all games can be found under the ‘Live Casino’ tab, we will just point out, that in the left navigation, there is also a separate tab for ‘Game Shows’ which is where you will find 27 such titles including Football Studio, Dream Catcher, Mega Ball, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live, Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, and more.

Rollbit Payment Methods

That is all pretty awesome so far, right? But the cincher really is the banking. After all, we’re after solid real money gambling here. So let’s begin with the payment methods first, to understand what to expect in that respect.

Crypto IconBasically, Rollbit is a 100% crypto casino. That means, that the only form of currency it accepts for transactions is crypto currencies (as opposed to fiats like dollars, yen, or euros). And at the last point of review, it accepted exactly four cryptos for transactions being Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETC), and the somewhat lesser known Solana (SOL).

Whether this list will grow to include more options is anyone’s guess, but those currently available are pretty good from our perspective. And if you don’t already hold one of these coins and are interested in gambling at Rollbit, you can just as easily buy what you need via MoonPay or the Coinbase platform with a link from the Rollbit cashier. You can then use Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay, or Apple Pay to buy any of the relevant cryptos there.

How to deposit and withdraw at Rollbit casino

In case you are new to crypto gambling, how it all works is simple, and essentially exactly the same as banking at any regular online casino. To start, of course, you will need to register a Rollbit casino account. It is free and takes less than a minute to do, with almost no personal details required beyond selecting a username and password, and providing an email address.

Rollbit Payment Methods

© | Rollbit Casino has its own crypto coin. In their blog you can find more information about this currency.

Once you have done that and are logged in, look to the top of your screen for the yellow ‘Deposit’ button, and click to enter the casino cashier. Next, choose the crypto currency that you will be depositing, or if you don’t yet have any, as mentioned above, you can now opt to ‘Buy Crypto’ from the link. Next enter the value of coins* that you would like to purchase, copy the address onscreen into your wallet (or scan the QR code), and proceed from there.

Now let us explain a bit more. You may have noticed the asterisk in the above paragraph are the coins. That is because here, while transactions take place exclusively in crypto, the actual gambling itself is done in special coins exclusive to the site. And for simplicity’s sake, due to the fluctuating price of each crypto, these coins are valued in US dollars according to the current exchange rate.

So you can make the equation either way when going to make a deposit. That is, you can deposit a certain amount of Bitcoin that you want, say 1 BTC and get however many coins that is worth at that time. Or you can buy $100 worth of coins using Bitcoin. Either way, the coin to crypto ratio is always shown on screen to help you figure it out.

You then bet on all the games with these coins, and when it comes time to cash out, they are automatically exchanged back into Bitcoin (or whichever crypto you’re using) again, according to the current exchange rate.

This is actually a simple and fair way of doing things in our opinion.

As for withdrawals, they’re easy too. Just a small tip, in order to access the ‘Withdraw’ tab, you will first need to click on the ‘Deposit’ button onsite, which opens the cashier, and click to the ‘Withdraw’ tab from there.

Deposit and withdrawal limits at Rollbit casino

The best thing about Rollbit banking by far is its lack of limitations. It is honestly one of the most flexible we have ever encountered, in all our years of casino reviews, in that it truly has almost no limits. The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is basically a joke at a single cent. Though to be honest, we can’t imagine anyone would bother with a penny transaction, since it won’t do you much good. But it is more an indication of the flexibility than anything, so we get why they have it.

Payment method Minimum deposit Maximum deposit Minimum withdrawal Maximum withdrawal
$0.01 Unlimited $0.01 Unlimited
$0.01 Unlimited $0.01 Unlimited
$0.01 Unlimited $0.01 Unlimited
$0.01 Unlimited $0.01 Unlimited
Rollbit Coin Logo Not available Not available $0.01 Unlimited
NFT Icon Logo Not available Not available $0.01 Unlimited

The real highlight here, however, is the maximum amounts allowed for deposits and withdrawals, which happen to be none. That is, you can deposit as much as you like at any time, and in our opinion even more impressively, you can withdraw as much as you like at any time. So even if you have a massive win, you can cash out in one go, no matter the amount.

Just two small things to keep in mind in terms of withdrawals. In order to make your first withdrawal, you need to have first deposited and wagered a minimum of $10 first, which is certainly easy enough. The other thing of course is that since this is a licensed casino, you will need to verify your account before making your first withdrawal as well. Other than that, like we said, the sky is the limit. Make transactions as often as you want, for as much (or as little) as you want, according to your will and / or needs.

Deposit and withdrawal timeframes

Another popular question amongst players when it comes to banking, is how long each transaction will take. While we can’t say down to the second, in general, since this is crypto currency we are talking about, the transactions are all relatively instant. Not exactly real time, mind you, as there is the matter of blockchain confirmations to complete.

Info IconSo you should instead expect something along the lines of anywhere from a minute or two for Bitcoin which requires only one confirmation to complete, and a little bit longer for something like Ethereum which needs 12 confirmations, or Solana that requires 21. This, needless to say, refers to both directions in terms of transactions. That means it is equally quick to get your money in and out of the casino.

Banking fees

As for Rollbit banking fees, as a crypto casino, it does not charge for transactions itself. But the blockchain does. This is a standard you would expect to find anywhere, so it should not come as a surprise. The only advice we can give on this matter is to make fewer transactions for greater amounts, if you want to cut down on these expenses.

Also, keep in mind, if you do opt to make minimal transactions, say a deposit of a $10 value, the blockchain fee will be taken directly from this amount, which will likely not leave you much cash in your casino account. So again, you may want to make your transactions for a bit more if you can.

Rollbit Bonuses and Promotions

“What about Rollbit bonuses and promotions?” you may be wondering. And you’d be fair in doing so. After all those exciting features we’ve covered so far, surely it has some extra goodies up its virtual sleeve. And yes it does. In fact, a whole lot.

That being said, one thing to point out however, is that Rollbit does not have a welcome offer. That is, no first deposit bonus or free spins to welcome you in. And this is actually by design. Instead, what the casino has opted to do is steadily and regularly reward its players with a long list of lucrative rewards in numerous formats.

Rollbit Rewards Banner

For example, from your very first bet, you will already benefit from the instant 5% rakeback offered. A truly unique program, it is actually applicable to every bet you make in any amount, so technically limitless too.

In addition to the rakeback, there is also a 15% cashback program (to cover potential losses). And there are things like a valuable rank up bonus which you get each time you go up a level in the VIP program, as well as daily $7265 leaderboard competitions. That is a guaranteed $7265 in additional prize money given away each day, with a full $5000 to one lucky winner who also earns the title of Rollbit Boss (for having wagered the most in the casino on that day).

That’s a lot right? But wait, there is still more like additional tournaments, challenges, and bonus battles, as well as a referral reward and something called the RLB lottery. The list goes on…

So while you won’t generally find the standard deposit bonuses or free spin promotions here, we’re actually okay with that. In fact, it is kind of refreshing to see a casino that has put so much thought into doing things differently, while still doing them right. That is, giving us a truly rewarding promotional calendar in a less conventional way, that adds some serious spice to the experience each time we play.

Rollbit Interface and Usability

With online casinos being around for so long, it would be truly strange to find one that didn’t function right. There are basics pretty much every place has, and we expect to find them all more or less in the same place, working in the same way.

So when it comes to usability it is no surprise that Rollbit works really well. The site is fully functional with a strong left navigation bar that links to all the main activities (and more), making it all really easy to navigate. Plus, it has a good footer section with the expected links as well. In other words, the UX as a whole, in a nutshell, is really good.

The UI on the other hand, as in the site’s actual design is a bit of a different story. Or not. That is, our first impression was “this is a really busy site.” And not necessarily in a good way as for a moment it all felt overwhelming. But within a minute or two, and some quick surfing around, we must point out, that it all becomes absolutely clear. And since everything is so intuitively labelled here, with detailed explanations available along the way, you will find yourself enjoying it all in no time too. Or just the parts you want if that’s what you prefer.

thumbs upOther note-worthy things to point out, in terms of accessibility include the fact that in addition to creating an account the regular way direct on the website, when you go to sign up you will see that Rollbit actually offers a rather unique option of continuing with Steam, Twitch, or Metalmark instead.

Another thing that many people like here is the interactive part. The casino, in all fairness, operates under the tagline “Fair social gambling”, so we would expect something along the lines of what it offers to this end including player chat (just keep in mind you will need to deposit $10 and bet $100 in order to join in), real time stats for ‘All Bets’, ‘High Rollers’, ‘Lucky Bets’, and ‘Trades’, Bonus Battles with other players, and more. In other words, the potential social engagement level is high.

And it also has a section dedicated to Rollbit casino streamers, which is also cool. So you can watch entertaining streams of your favorite games being played. Or, if you fancy yourself fit, apply to the site’s Content Creator promotion, and maybe you could find yourself featured there too.

Rollbit Streamer

© | Just as Stake Casino Rollbit is popular within the casino streaming scene. Some of the streams are even available at

As for access to Rollbit USA or UK, a question that often pops up, we have found that a VPN was not necessarily needed to sign up. However, access to certain games is blocked according to restricted territories. In other words, it’s a mixed bag. So what we recommend is checking for yourself based on your location. If you can sign up and play, then all the better. But if you find you’re having an issue with restricted access, then you can just as easily opt for a VPN service to help you out.

Rollbit Mobile Casino

Rollbit MobileNow what would you say if we told you that you can actually take all this goodness on the go? That is, that this awesome crypto casino is actually fully mobile. There is, mind you, no Rollbit app to download. So don’t bother looking for that. Instead, the website is 100% mobile accessible, meaning you simply open it up on any mobile browser – on your cell phone or tablet – and go from there.

If you are concerned about your particular operating system, and whether it will work with an Android or Apple device, for example, rest-assured, it will. Again, that is because based on appearances alone, this website was designed from a mobile first perspective, with the layout actually looking even better on the small screen than say your desktop. But it is not just about looks of course. It all works perfectly well so long as you have internet reception where you are, needless to say.

So if you have been searching for mobile crypto slots or even mobile live casino games, this is it. A great option to enjoy the best in crypto gambling on the go.

How to Contact Rollbit Customer Support?

Live chat Yes
Phone Not available

As you can see in the chart above, there are two main ways to contact Rollbit support – by email or via live chat. Our preferred option is always chat, as it gives us a more immediate response to inquiries, plus you can ask follow up questions as you go. That being said, if you are one who prefers the email mode of communication, you can feel free to use that too. And based on our experience, which we checked for you as well, it works great too, just with a slightly longer response time.

Now back to chat, since this is what concerns most players. So from our trials of the function, we found it to be entirely excellent. That is, as soon as we clicked on the help icon (marked by a little headset on any page of the site) a chat window opened up with a feedback message indicating that it has been received as well as the expected response time, which is never more than a moment or so.

Since this is an international casino, this means we expected the same level of availability around the clock. Which is what we received. So if you are in Canada, Australia, Germany, or the UK, for example, you can be confident that a live agent will always be there to address your needs.

As importantly, since this is an English language review portal, we can attest that the service is given in English, with a clear understanding of the inquiry, as well as, most importantly, a direct and relevant response. This differs from some other online casinos where we have unfortunately experienced stock answers even to simple questions like withdrawal limits. Here, however, you will always get an answer to your exact question, in a manner that makes it obvious that there is a professional support team at work. So there’s that.

In terms of phone support, as far as we can tell there isn’t any. But you yourself may have noticed, for the most part, this service has become a thing of the past, as we all move more towards chat and email communications for pretty much everything.

Quick Tip IconAdditionally, as a tip, take note that we found the Rollbit FAQ section particularly useful. To find it, scroll to the footer of the website and click on the link labelled ‘FAQ’. Here you will find basic information on the casino as well as its very specific rewards systems, proprietary games, and even how and when to tip. Seriously, since this casino has so many unique options within, we highly recommend looking here at some point to see other elements that might interest you.

Another thing that interests some players is following the casino on social media. So on that end, Rollbit does run accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord. But not all are equally up to date, nor do they all offer extra value. For example, the site’s Facebook account is not very active, while its Twitter account is. And that makes it not only a good place to engage with the brand, but also to get in on special promotions and exclusive bonus codes for its followers.

Oh, and there is also a Rollbit casino blog which can also be a useful source of help. So either subscribe to get updates, or have a glance every now and then to discover the latest and greatest of what this casino is about – including interesting tie ins to general crypto and NFT news.

Rollbit Blog

© | Rollbit has its own team of editors who write regularly at their own Rollbit Blog.

Rollbit Safety and Fairness

Like we mentioned above, the site’s tagline is “Fair social gaming”, so we have already covered extensively the social dimensions available. Now let’s take a moment to delve into the fairness, and frankly safety element as well. So there are a few things to expand on here. First of all, it is important to note that Rollbit is a fully licensed and regulated online casino, with a Curacao gaming license. If it wasn’t, by the way, we wouldn’t even be reviewing it here.

Second, all of its games are completely fair. Depending on the exact title, this is demonstrated either by a random number generator (RNG), long the gold standard of reputable online casino games. And for the crypto games in particular, like the proprietary X-Crash or Rollercoaster games, provably fair algorithms are also in place, so you can follow the results on the blockchain should you please.

checked iconThird, the casino operates with full transparency, making it particularly easy to find information you might want on its various operating policies. For example, in the footer itself you can easily find information with links to its ‘AML Policy’, ‘Sports Policy’, ‘Responsible Gaming’, ‘Privacy Policy’, and ‘Terms and Conditions’ respectively. And of course, there is the inherent fairness under which the casino operates including easy banking and quick cash outs, which all adds up to giving us a good feeling of being respected and protected in our play.

Our Final Opinion on Rollbit Casino

And that in a nutshell is the Rollbit offering. An excellent crypto casino jam packed with amazing games and highly rewarding promotions. For those in search of crypto slots or crypto card games, there are plenty of options, plus there is an outstanding array of truly original games to try as well. Most games can be played for free, and all are available on mobile.

And while there is no welcome bonus per se, there are a multitude of other promotions – including ongoing cashback and rakeback programs – to look forward to. Plus, loads of leaderboard competitions, exciting challenges, and more.

This is all made even more accessible thanks to truly user-friendly banking functionality that ensures quick, hassle free transactions in your crypto currency of choice. True, there are only four cryptos currently accepted here, but Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are in the mix, and you can even buy them onsite, so you should be able to fund your account easily enough. Plus, of course there is the joy of quick and complete cash outs in any amount that you want.

Beyond exceptional versatility, the site also has a solid support team and proper security in place to ensure your gambling experience is safe and smooth. In other words, if you came here looking for advice on a crypto casino that we recommend for play, we can tell you that this is truly one of a kind. A world class operation, with loads of entertainment and winning opportunities packed in, plus an exceptionally interactive environment for additional fun.

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